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   Chapter 680 Stop Playing These Silly Tricks

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While the manager and the waiters looked frightened by Rosy's actions, Jessie sat there looking very composed.

After all, it wasn't her first time seeing Rosy smash and break things to vent her anger.

Jessie felt ticked off by Rosy's impulsive temper. She had advised Rosy about it many times before but Rosy had never changed her character.

But although Jessie didn't agree with Rosy's behavior, she didn't stop or interrupt Rosy from what she was doing now. She knew that Rosy would be all right soon after she released her anger this way.

After breaking all the items she could break in the VIP room of the coffee shop, Rosy stopped and lay down on the sofa, breathless. The room was finally quiet again.

Now that she had stopped breaking things, she could once again feel the pain in her left hand that had been caused by Bun, which made her anger rise.

'Linda Xia, I won't let you off!' Rosy cursed in her mind.

Looking at all the shards on the floor, Jessie rang the bell to call in the waiter.

"Please clear up this room. We're going to another VIP room," Jessie said to the waiter as soon as he scurried in.

It took a while for the waiter to come back to his senses and give Jessie a response, because he was completely stunned by the hundreds of shards which were scattered here and there in the room. Rosy had broken all the items that she'd been able to move and break.

Then, Jessie pulled Rosy up from the sofa and took her to the VIP room next door.

Jessie stared at Rosy after closing the door. Rosy had calmed down a little and she was sitting casually on the sofa.

"Feeling better?" Jessie asked Rosy, sitting down next to her.

"Yes," said Rosy with a nod.

"Don't be so irritable. It's useless to get angry. That's exactly what Linda expects you to do. The angrier you are, the happier she is," Jessie said, trying to talk sense into Rosy.

"I know," Rosy simply replied.

Of course, Rosy was aware of it, but she just couldn't control her temper.

And when she was furious, the only thing that could make her feel better was smashing and breaking things.

Jessie really wanted to tell Rosy outright that she had to use her head and think hard instead of letting her anger get the best of her, but she knew that Rosy wouldn't listen to her.

Every time Rosy met Linda, she would easily lose her temper and provoke Linda, but in the end, she was always the one who got hurt or enraged.

Besides, Jessie had done some research about the people Linda surrounded herself with, especially Bun. But much to her disappointment, there was very little information she could get about Bun. The only thing that she knew about Bun was that her real name was Bonny Lu and that she was married to Brian Ho.

Of cours

comments? A lot of people are scolding and criticizing you!" Anna said worriedly, frowning.

Anna had never experienced such a public relations crisis.

It seemed that most of the netizens believed that Linda was the one who had attempted to murder Lord Nalan.

And what was worse, a lot of busybodies had begun digging into Linda's identity and her past. They had even found out about the grudge between Linda and Sophia.

Linda's anger rose as she read all those comments.

After a deep breath, she managed to compose herself and returned the phone to Anna. She said firmly, "Never mind. Just let the winds become storms. I'm not afraid!"

Although Linda had moved into the Nalan Clan's house, she wanted to go back to the Mu Clan's villa and spend a little time with her two babies every day.

This morning, she decided to go see her children right away so that she could return to the Nalan Clan's house early. Soon, she started off together with Anna and Bun, but when she reached the entrance of the house, she saw her enemy again.

It was bad luck for Linda, because she didn't want to see Rosy, especially now.

Fortunately, Jessie wasn't by Rosy's side now.

"Well, if it isn't Linda Xia," Rosy said as a smug smile crept across her face.

"Do you have the memory of a goldfish? Don't you recognize me? Why do you have to ask every time?" Linda mocked with a smile.

Since Bun was standing next to Linda, Rosy wouldn't dare do anything to offend Linda; she had already learned her lesson. But as she walked past Linda, she couldn't help saying sarcastically, "I hope you like the gift that I prepared for you."

Rosy continued to walk forward after finishing her words but Linda put her leg out to stop her and said, "Rosy Nalan, I suggest that you stop bothering yourself with playing these silly tricks on me."

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