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   Chapter 679 Went To The Plum Garden Again

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Since they were at the gate of the Nalan Clan's house and there were so many people protecting Linda, it was foolish of Rosy to provoke Linda like this. Why was Rosy being so silly and reckless without even realizing such a simple thing?

Jessie was disappointed by Rosy's behavior.

To remedy the situation, she quickly said, "Rosy, we wanted to go out to do some shopping, right? Let's go now! We don't have to pick a fight with them right now."

Rosy shot Jessie an morose glance.

"No, I can't just let them bully me like that. One of Linda's servants squeezed my hand so hard and it hurts. I can't let them off so easily," Rosy muttered angrily.

"Then what do you want to do about it? Do you want to get back at us?" Linda asked, raising her eyebrow.

"Of course I have to punish all of you. But this time, I can be merciful and forgive you if you ask the woman who hurt my hand to kneel down in front of me and make an apology," Rosy said haughtily. She knew that Bun would never kneel down and apologize to her, but she said those words anyway just to make herself feel better.

As soon as Rosy finished her sentence, all ten members of the Mu Security Team lifted their guns to her head, scaring the hell out of her.

When she'd talked to Linda earlier, she hadn't noticed all the people that Linda had brought along. But now, she realized that the men who were pointing guns at her were all wearing uniforms and special helmets, and looked very strong and aggressive.

The black gun muzzles frightened Rosy so much that she felt her legs go limp.

"What are you trying to do? Don't you know that it's illegal to carry a gun?" Rosy asked, putting on a brave face and pointing at the Mu Security Team members.

"It's illegal?" Sam repeated, then laughed at Rosy.

All the members of the Mu Security Team belonged to the special forces, so they were carrying guns legally.

"Do you think I'll be violating the law if I shoot you?" Sam asked, approaching Rosy and holding his gun to her head.

Rosy was so startled that she fell back on the ground.

Linda stayed silent and, with great interest, watched Sam frighten Rosy.

She knew that Sam definitely wouldn't shoot her.

But it was fun to see him scare the shit out of Rosy.

Seeing Rosy being bullied, Jessie immediately ran up to her and helped her get back on her feet. Then, she said to Linda, "Linda, don't go too far. You're in the Nalan Clan's house now, so you shouldn't let people hold a gun to the head of the Lady of the Nalan Clan. That's way too much!"

"That's going too far? I don't think so." Linda stared at Jessie calmly.

"You know well that what you and your

she hadn't been able to hold back her anger and had provoked Linda.

She'd felt satisfied after uttering those unkind and offensive words, thinking she'd humiliated Linda, but in the end, Linda was the one who had humiliated her.

Pulling a long face, Rosy walked into a five-star coffee shop together with Jessie.

Rosy was the regular customer of this coffee shop, which belonged to the Nalan Clan.

"Lady Rosy." When the manager of the coffee shop saw Rosy walk in, he immediately went up to her and greeted her with great respect.

Rosy calmed down a little after hearing the manager greet her in such a polite way. It was a welcome change to how she'd been treated by Linda's men just now.

Before Linda had returned to the Nalan Clan's residence, Rosy had been the Lady of the Nalan Clan and everyone had shown her great respect.

"We want to be alone today. Don't let other customers come inside this afternoon."

Of course, the manager had to obey Rosy without question. So, he immediately ordered his staff not to let anyone else into the shop. Then, Rosy and Jessie went upstairs. The second floor had a large separate private room for VIPs.

Watching Rosy's sullen face, Jessie sighed and shook her head, knowing that Rosy must be very annoyed today.

After they entered the private VIP room, Rosy closed the door and angrily pushed everything on the table onto the floor. The glasses that had been on the table were smashed to pieces.

The manager and the staff downstairs were startled when they heard the noise.

They wondered what had happened, who had irritated Rosy this time, and why she was so angry that she was even smashing things. At this moment, the waiters didn't know whether they should bring the coffee to the private room or not.

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