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   Chapter 677 Bun Was Pregnant

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Since Anna still hadn't arrived, Linda began to worry, wondering whether something bad had happened to her.

Linda had gone through a lot of unpleasant experiences recently, so she was always on the edge these days, getting nervous and worried over the smallest things.

Just when she was about to call Anna, she saw a white Infiniti appear in the distance, heading toward the Mu Clan's villa.

She recognized that it was Anna's car.

The car came to a halt at the gate of the villa. When Anna saw Linda waiting for her at the gate, she immediately got out of the car and said apologetically, "I'm so sorry, My Lady. I was so busy packing up my things that I forgot about the time."

Linda had been very worried about Anna earlier, but now that Anna was standing in front of her, she finally felt at ease. She would never be angry at Anna over something like this. Besides, Anna had been late by just a few minutes, so Linda hadn't gotten annoyed at all.

"You didn't arrive on time, so I was worried that something might have happened to you. I was very upset and scared just now," Bun said, echoing Linda's thoughts as she patted herself on the chest.

Just like Linda, Bun worried over the smallest things these days.

Anna smiled apologetically and said, "Wait a minute." Then, she walked to the trunk of her car and turned to Bun. "Bun, come over here and help me take these things out. They're too heavy for me to get them out of the trunk by myself.

I had to ask my neighbor to help me bring them downstairs this morning." Bun felt confused by Anna's words and she wondered what Anna could have possibly brought along that was too heavy for her to carry on her own.

Bun ran up to the trunk of the car and found three large cases there.

She widened her eyes in surprise and said, "Oh, my God! Are you moving today?"

Linda ran to the trunk too to see the cases for herself. Bun hadn't been exaggerating.

Each case was huge and about one meter tall.

Linda couldn't help but burst out into laughter.

"Are we taking these large cases to the Nalan Clan's house? Why did you bring so many things along?" Linda asked curiously.

With a serious expression on her face, Anna replied, "My Lady, don't underestimate the things in these three cases. I believe that our stay at the Nalan Clan's house will be very dangerous, so I prepared a lot of things that might be useful to us."

Not only were the three cases big in size, but they were also very heavy. Linda was unable to move even one of them, let alone move all of them out of the trunk.

Bun was about to help Anna take the three case

. As soon as she'd heard Anna list out the symptoms, she had guessed that Bun was pregnant. In general, pregnant women would experience sickness during certain days of their pregnancy. After all, Bun had no experience and never considered her sickness as side effects of her pregnancy. But Linda was already a mother, and she immediately realized what was going on after hearing Anna's words.

"Really? Am I really pregnant? I thought that I was just feeling under the weather these days." Bun was still astonished and couldn't believe that this good news was true.

"You're really pregnant. You've been feeling tired because you're just a few weeks pregnant. During this period of time, the progestogen level in your body will rise to make the endometrium more suitable for conception. This is what's making you feel tired."

Although Bun didn't understand what Anna was talking about, she was just happy that she was pregnant.

She really wanted to share the good news with Brian right away, but Brian was in the middle of a mission and couldn't use his phone until it was completed. Bun had no choice but to wait until Brian returned to tell him the good news.

Linda was happy for Bun, but she was also a little worried after hearing the news. She was happy because Bun had finally gotten pregnant and her dreams would come true soon. Linda would also become the sworn mother of Bun's baby.

However, they were on their way to the Nalan Clan's house. Since Bun was just several weeks pregnant, she had to have a good rest and be careful not to exert herself too much. Linda was afraid that if something terrible happened and Bun got injured, she might have a miscarriage. Linda really couldn't imagine something so terrible happening.

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