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   Chapter 676 Anna Didn't Show Up

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7104

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Linda couldn't bear to be separated from her babies, so she wanted to bring them with her.

That night, Linda began packing her things.

Charles had agreed on her leaving tomorrow.

Linda had already told Nelson about her plan over the phone, so everything should go smoothly.

After all, Nelson still had an influential position in the Nalan Clan.

He would be waiting at the gate tomorrow to welcome Linda when she arrived.

In Nelson's eyes, Linda was the only Lady of the Nalan Clan.

Every other girl with the surname Nalan was just a member of the Nalan Clan to him.

Charles, who was in the bedroom watching Linda pack, frowned unhappily. He didn't want to be away from Linda for such a long time.

Luckily, the Nalan Clan's residence wasn't far away from the Mu Clan's villa, so he would be able to visit her often there.

"Honey, you have to settle the problem within three months and come back home," Charles said slowly.

"Honey, I'll be done in three weeks! You have my word, so set your mind at ease. I'll be all right. I just hope that I can heap pressure on them with my presence," Linda replied hastily.

Linda didn't want to go back to the Nalan Clan's residence either. She had been living happily and comfortably in the Mu Clan's villa. If it weren't for those fools, she would never be going back there.

They would panic seeing her back at the Nalan Clan's residence.

"But I hate letting you go," said Charles.

He suddenly wrapped his arms around Linda from behind.

"I know," Linda replied. She turned around, put her arms around Charles's waist, and nuzzled her face against his chest.

The next morning, ten strong and fully armed men stood in a line in the living room. Linda almost jumped out of her skin when she saw them after getting up.

She couldn't be more familiar with their attire. Obviously, they were from the Mu Security Team.

These ten men were a small squad from the team.

One of the men stepped forward, marched up to Linda, and saluted her.

"Good morning, My Lady. My name is Sam, code-named 'Dragon.' I'm the leader of the third squad of

e'd done for her.

Donna had spent her youth in poverty, but after moving back to the Xia Clan as Linda's foster mother, Johnson had treated her well. Donna finally had a chance to live a little for a change.

"Look, Linda! I made two pairs of shoes and some clothes for the babies. These are all made of cotton so no allergy problems,"

Donna said as she opened the bag that she was carrying.

Linda looked inside and saw two pairs of delicate shoes with tigers on them!

They were very cute. Donna was handy indeed.

"Thank you for everything, mother. I'll leave my babies to you," Linda said, smiling at Donna.

"Go do whatever you have to do. I'll help take care of everything here. Don't worry, and be careful." Donna reached out one of her frail withered hands and tucked Linda's hair behind her ear.

She had once thought that Linda would live an ordinary life, but Linda had ended up marrying into a rich and powerful family.

She had never expected Linda to marry a rich man. All she'd wanted was for Linda to be safe. Now, she didn't know if it was possible.

"I will," Linda replied gently.

After saying goodbye to Donna and the babies, Linda got into the car to set out to the Nalan Clan's residence.

Paul was driving them there on Charles's orders.

Anna had agreed to meet Linda and Bun at the front gate of the Mu Clan's villa at 9 o'clock, but she still hadn't shown up.

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