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   Chapter 675 Returning To The Nalan Clan

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Even though Linda had left the hospital, she was still very worried about her grandfather's safety. She would never be able to forgive herself if anything bad happened to him again.

The news that someone had tried to kill Lord Nalan worried Paul as well.

As soon as he'd learned about what had happened, he sent five more members from the Mu Security Team to protect Lord Nalan at the hospital.

After that, he'd asked Anna about Lord Nalan's condition. Anna had told him that Lord Nalan was so weak that he wouldn't be able to survive another accident.

It was lucky that she'd stopped the intruder in time. If the whole tube of air had been injected into Lord Nalan's body, he would be dead by now.

Being injected with 80 ml to 100 ml of air could kill even a young and healthy man, so there was no question that Lord Nalan, who was old and already in a coma, would have died.

After Linda and Bun arrived home, Bun put some ointment on Linda's wound and bandaged it to stop it from tearing open again.

Linda felt more and more anxious as she thought about what had happened to her grandfather today. The pain of the wound was bearable, but the pain in her heart wasn't.

Before today, she'd been planning to tell Charles that she wanted to get her old job back at the school. She had nothing to do at home now except taking care of the twins. She'd wanted to return to work because she was confident that she could find the balance between family and career.

However, she'd changed her mind now. She had to gradually get hold of the property of the Nalan Clan, for her grandfather's sake.

She'd never been fond of business, so she didn't know much about how to run a company, but she was more than willing to learn now.

She had a clear goal. She wanted to get back everything that belonged to her.

Richard had given her two companies as her wedding gift, so she decided to start with them.

Since she didn't know much about how to run a company, she thought that she'd better seek guidance from Charles. At this particular moment, she really needed his advice for business.

However, she didn't want Charles to handle everything for her. As a successful businessman, it might be easy for Charles to guide her every step of the way, but she wanted to get everything back on her own. If she asked Charles for help every time she had to deal with something, she would never be able to learn. She didn't want to be a pretty flower in a greenhouse.

Ever since she was a little kid, Linda had always achieved her goals on her own.

"My Lady, you should have a good rest for the next few days. Please don't run around again. If your wound tears open again, it will be hard to heal," reminded Bun. Bun couldn't help but worry as she dabbed the ointment on Linda's wound.

Linda nodded, but she didn't say a word.

She was still vexed about what had happened earlier that day.

Once again, Rosy had tried to kill their grandfather. She'd finally pushed Linda to the limit.

That was why Linda wanted to take over the two companies that Richard had given to her as a wedding gift. However, she didn't know where to start, so she felt a little upset.


other powerful party, it would be much easier for them to win the battle.

Linda finally knew that her grandfather actually gave her his shares in these two companies, and if she wanted to truly take over the companies as hers, she would have to work harder. She had never thought of undermining the Nalan Clan, but it was something she had to do in order to get the control of the companies back.

The first step would be to reduce the value of the companies so that they'd be able to buy the shares at a lower price.

After they bought all the shares from the minor shareholders, their shares would account for 60% of the company's equity.

And as long as they had more than 50% of the shares, they would practically become the owner of the company.

Then, Linda would have every right to take over the control of these two companies.

No one in the Nalan Clan would be able to stop her then, not even Lenny, who was the one who was handling most of the Nalan Clan's business.

"Charles, there's another thing. I want to move back to the Nalan Clan's house for a while," said Linda flatly.

Charles was shocked by her idea.

Since Richard wasn't there, living in the Nalan Clan's house would be very dangerous for Linda. Charles would be very worried about her if she went there, but he also knew that if Linda had made up her mind, he had to trust her and support her, so he nodded. But the first thing he would do would be sending enough guards to ensure her safety.

Linda had thought that Charles might not allow her to move back to the Nalan Clan's house, so she was surprised to see him agree to it immediately.

"You can return to the Nalan Clan's house, but I'll send 10 Mu Security Team members along with you to ensure your safety. You'll also have to bring Bun and Anna with you," said Charles seriously.

Linda nodded. She had been planning to take Bun and Anna along with her anyway.

Bun had great fighting skills, and Anna was a great doctor who had a thorough knowledge of both Western and Chinese medicine. She would feel much safer if they came to the Nalan Clan's house with her.

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