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   Chapter 674 Who Could Be Defeated

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 9232

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Bun hated Rosy a lot too. Just like Linda, she'd finally had enough of Rosy's reckless actions.

So when she learned that Linda was planning to take action against Rosy, she became very pleased and couldn't wait to teach Rosy a lesson.

Linda wasn't a ruthless person. In fact, she always showed mercy to others.

She had actually been intending to let Rosy off for everything she'd done in the past, but Rosy had provoked Linda yet again, and this time, she had gone too far.

She'd had the guts to hire someone to sneak into the Mu Clan's private hospital and harm Lord Nalan. Linda had never expected Rosy to be so vicious.

What Rosy had done to her grandfather was cruel and wicked.

"My Lady, I'll do whatever you tell me to do," Bun said, looking at Linda with an earnest expression in her eyes.

Linda nodded and then turned to Anna. "Anna, you should get some rest. I'm going to go and see my grandfather now."

In all the panic about Lord Nalan's condition, Anna had almost forgotten about her own injury. Now, after hearing Linda's words, she realized that there was a sharp pain in her back. She nodded and watched as Linda and Bun walked out of the office.

As Linda walked, she felt a growing pain in her leg. She abruptly stopped to check her leg and found that her wound was open.

Bun furrowed her eyebrows the moment she saw the gaping wound. "My Lady, be careful. It might take a long time for the wound to heal after it opens up."

The wound on Linda's leg was deep, so it was healing slowly. By right, Linda should be spending all her time resting instead of walking or running around. Since she had run in a hurry just now, her wound had opened up again and there was blood oozing out of it.

"I'm fine," Linda said firmly.

Her condition was almost nothing compared to Lord Nalan, who was still in a coma. At this moment, he was the only thing she was worried about. She hoped that he would be all right. She held onto Bun for support as they walked to Lord Nalan's ward.

Inside the ward, Linda sat beside Lord Nalan and took his gnarled hand.

"Grandfather," she said gently.

However, Lord Nalan just lay on the bed without moving or responding at all. The only sound that could be heard in the quiet ward was the beeping coming from a medical instrument, which set Linda on edge.

"Grandfather, please trust me. I'll make sure you wake up one day. And before that, I'll make everyone who ever tried to harm you pay for their actions." Although Lord Nalan was unable to reply, Linda kept talking to him, hoping that he could hear her.

She didn't enjoy doing cruel things to anyone, but she couldn't tolerate Rosy anymore, so she was going to punish her.

She knew that being merciful to the enemy meant

from WSS, Bun and Linda had no reason to doubt it. The WSS always provided them with accurate information.

"Well, what a surprise..." Linda's lips twisted into a smile upon hearing Bun talk about the Sky Building. She remembered that the Sky Building, with its complete industry chain, was the gift that Lord Nalan had decided to give to Little Potato.

How had it become Rosy's dowry now? How could they make such a decision without asking for Linda's opinion first?

Apart from the Sky Building, the holiday resort built in the coastal wharf in the east of the city was the gift that Lord Nalan had been intending to give to Little Tomato.

When Linda had gotten married to Charles, Lord Nalan had given her two branch companies but she hadn't taken over them yet.

Lord Nalan had just mentioned these gifts in front of everyone before. But before he could formally give them to Linda, he had ended up in a coma which he still hadn't woken up from.

"Bun, my grandfather once gave me two branch companies. Help me check what kind of business those companies do respectively."

"Ah, I already checked that before. Both of them are game companies. One is a mobile game company, while the other one is a web game company. They're both developing rapidly now."

Linda closed her eyes and began to ponder over it.

"Let's go back home first!" she said.

Now that Rosy had done so many reckless things, she had to pay for them. Linda knew that Rosy wasn't smart enough to come up with all these malicious ideas by herself. There had to be someone helping her. Suddenly, Jessie's face flashed through Linda's mind.

Jessie was very clever. Linda could easily figure out that Jessie was a crafty woman who enjoyed plotting against others.

But Linda wasn't afraid of Jessie and Rosy, so she made up her mind to defeat them.

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