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   Chapter 673 How About We Kick Rosy Nalan's Ass

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Enduring the pain in her leg, Linda ran toward Richard's room in a hurry.

When she was crossing Anna's office, she saw Anna sitting inside with a nurse, who was washing a wound on Anna's shoulder.

It seemed that Anna had gotten injured. There was a bruise on her shoulder.

She'd gotten the bruise from her fight with the masked intruder in Lord Nalan's room. When she'd stopped him from injecting something into Lord Nalan's system, he'd pushed her to the wall and grabbed her by the neck.

"Anna, what happened?" Linda asked, walking into the office. Looking at the bruise on Anna's shoulder, she furrowed her brows.

It was odd that Anna had gotten injured in the hospital. Linda sensed that something bad must have happened. Besides, the alarm had gone off a moment ago.

"My Lady, there was an intruder in Lord Nalan's ward just now," said Anna nervously. Lord Nalan's life was much more important than her injury.

Linda was immediately overcome by fear. They were at a critical moment where her grandfather might finally wake up from his coma.

"Is my grandfather okay? Did you catch the man?" she asked seriously.

"I'm not able to carry out a physical examination for Lord Nalan in person now, but I've asked another doctor to do it. He should be carrying out the examination now, so we'll get the results soon. But, My Lady, when I went into the room, the man was injecting something into Lord Nalan's arm. I'm not sure about this, but I think that what he was injecting was air. If he has injected a large amount of air, Lord Nalan will be in danger now. I stopped the intruder as soon as I saw him, but I don't know how much air he injected into Lord Nalan's body before I got there," said Anna.

Injecting certain amount of air into someone's vein would put them in serious danger; a large amount would be fatal.

If Lord Nalan had been injected with a large amount of air, his life might be in danger.

Anna knew that he was in a very dangerous state, so she was very worried about him.

Before Linda could say something else, the Mu Security Team members who were stationed at the hospital to protect Lord Nalan arrived.

The team leader of this group was Baron Sun. After he saluted Linda, he greeted, "My Lady."

"Baron, have you caught the intruder?" asked Linda. Linda had met Baron Sun before. She was very grateful to him and his team for staying in the hospital and guarding her grandfather.

"Yes, but he was shot dead. He ran very fast and he was about to climb up the stone wall when we arrived. He would get away if we didn't shoot, so we fired. Unfortunately, he was killed by a bullet to the head," Baron Sun replied honestly.

Linda believed in Baron's judgment. She really wanted to question the intruder's motive in person, but unfortunately, she didn't have the chance to do so.

Anyway, the Mu Security Team was a speci

en the support of the elders in the Nalan Clan.

Just thinking about Rosy and all the other Nalan Clan members sitting in a room and conspiring to kill Lord Nalan made Linda furious. It seemed that they were determined to kill Richard just to get their hands on the family fortune.

Before today, Linda had never wanted to inherit any fortune from Richard. She'd just wanted him to recover soon and live a long and healthy life, so that he could see his great-grandchildren grow up.

However, she'd changed her mind now. Since they'd crossed the line over and over again, she would make them pay for all the pain they'd caused.

Linda had never thought of family fortune as an important thing. Even if Richard didn't give a cent, she would still be happy to look after him. Family bond was far more important to her. No matter what happened, he was her dearest grandfather. She still believed that Richard would recover one day, and she would never allow anyone to snatch his fortune when he was still in a coma. No matter what it took, she would fight for Richard.

Luckily, Linda was not only the lady of the Nalan Clan, but also the lady of the Xia Clan. Even though there was still some distance between the Xia Clan and the four powerful clans, the business of the Xia Clan had been getting better and better in the past two years. Linda could always rely on the support of the Xia Clan.

Just then, Bun walked into the office. Since she had been parking the car in the underground parking lot, she'd no idea about what was happening, but she knew that something was wrong as soon as she saw the solemn look on Linda's face.

Before she could say anything, Linda turned to her and said, "Bun, we're not busy these days, right? Let's do something fun."

Rosy had pushed Linda to the limit. Linda couldn't let go of her easily now.

"Yes, My Lady," replied Bun.

"How about we kick Rosy Nalan's ass?"

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