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   Chapter 672 The Man Dressed In A White Gown

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Linda had been longing for Lord Nalan to wake up for a long time.

All these days, she'd been hoping that Anna would soon bring her some good news about her grandfather.

Finally Linda had finally gotten some good news. She felt delighted the moment she heard that Lord Nalan might wake up soon.

"My Lady, be careful. Your leg is still hurt. You should go and freshen up now. After breakfast, I will take you to see your grandfather." Bun was pleased to see Linda be so excited.

Lord Nalan was Linda's grandfather and he treated her very well. If he hadn't rescued Linda from the river, Linda might have died. Because of that, Bun was very grateful to Lord Nalan and was also excited that he might wake up soon.

"Okay," Linda said, nodding. She really couldn't wait to see Lord Nalan, but she also knew that Bun wouldn't take her to the hospital before she had breakfast. With this in mind, Linda immediately went to freshen up.

After that, she went to the dining room and began to have breakfast.

This time, she gobbled down her food and finished her breakfast in just a few minutes, which both surprised and amused Bun.

Of course, Bun could understand how Linda must be feeling at this moment.

On the way to the hospital, Linda suddenly became nervous.

It hadn't slipped her notice that Anna had told her that Lord Nalan was showing signs of waking up, not that he would actually wake up.

Linda only hoped that Lord Nalan would wake up soon.


Inside the Mu Clan's Private Hospital

Anna was walking around excitedly since she was responsible for Lord Nalan's treatment. Lately, she'd been feeling guilty since Lord Nalan hadn't woken up even after so many days, but now, she could see a glimmer of hope.

Although there was only a very slim chance for people who were in a vegetative state to wake up, Anna still hoped that Lord Nalan would be able to come around. After all, Lord Nalan had once rescued her from danger and she was still grateful to him for it.

Since he had saved her life once, she would definitely try her best to save him and nurse him back to health.

A few hours ago, Anna had learned from Lord Nalan's physical examination report that he might wake up soon. She tried talking to Lord Nalan and found that he could blink his eyes and move a bit, seeming to be able to hear her. He could even murmur unintelligibly.

After Anna took a physical examination again for Lord Nalan, she found that each physiological index was within the normal range and that he was in a good physical condition.

Anna had called Linda the moment she'd found out about this good news.

However, when Anna left the bathroom and went back to Lor

here moments later. One of the security guards asked, "Miss Xu, what happened?"

Anna immediately pointed to her left and said, "Check the surveillance videos right now. An intruder just escaped from this ward."

The Mu Security Team members quickly ran in the direction that Anna pointed at.

Anna had never imagined that someone would pretend to be a doctor and sneak into the Mu Clan's private hospital.

The incident left her shaken.

Meanwhile, Linda and Bun were on their way to the hospital. Bun knew that Linda was eager to see Lord Nalan as soon as possible, so she picked up speed while driving toward the hospital. But to ensure Linda's safety, she also tried to keep the speed within the safe range. At last, they reached the Mu Clan's private hospital.

"Bun, I'll go inside first. I won't wait for you. You can come in after you park the car."

Linda got out of the car as soon as they arrived at the gate of the hospital. Then, she waved at Bun before striding toward the hospital building.

"Okay," Bun replied with a nod, then drove toward the underground parking lot.

Linda entered the hospital excitedly. She was very familiar with Lord Nalan's ward because she went there about two or three times a week.

Anna had once told her that when a patient was in a vegetative state, their chances of waking up would improve if their family members and friends often talked to him. To improve Lord Nalan's chances of waking up, Linda visited him frequently to talk to him and keep him company. Sometimes when she talked to him, Lord Nalan's eyes would move beneath his eyelids, as if he was listening to Linda.

However, the moment Linda stepped into the hospital, she heard the sound of an alarm. She was startled and immediately overcome with a bad feeling.

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