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   Chapter 671 Lord Nalan Had A Sign Of Recovering

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Jessie thought that they should look ahead at what might happen and be ready to handle it.

Since they knew that there was a chance that most of the family property would end up going to Devin, the smartest thing to do would be to take precautions to prevent that from happening.

"You can set your mind at rest. I'll take care of Lord Nalan for you. Meanwhile, you should find a chance to talk to your father. Try to find out how he is planning to handle the family property. If he wants to give most of the property to your brother, you could end up getting nothing," Jessie advised.

As Rosy's best friend, she felt obligated to advise Rosy about this.

If Rosy was going to marry someone from a rich and powerful family, she had to be equipped with a great deal of fortune.

After all, a marriage alliance between two powerful families was all about business interests.

Fortunately, Rosy was the Lady of the Nalan Clan, the eldest one who wasn't married, and had become the perfect choice for the Wang Clan.

Rosy thought that no one could sabotage her marriage to Becker, not even Linda.

In fact, in order to undermine Linda, Rosy had already made a lot of preparations in the dark. After Linda had taken Richard away, Rosy had contacted many reporters and fed them the news that Linda was planning to murder him in secret in order to get all the family property.

Although this news hadn't spread far and wide yet, Rosy was pretty sure that it would reach everyone's ears one day. If Richard died while he was being taken care of in the Mu Clan's hospital, most people would think that the news was true. It would be hard for Linda to get things straight by then.

As for her brother, Devin, Rosy had never thought of him as a threat. "You don't need to be wary of my brother. Devin won't take everything away from me. He and I have made a pact. We'll divide the family fortune in half and take our respective shares. My father won't be against it. I'm his precious daughter, after all. I'm sure that he will agree to this arrangement," said Rosy.

Jessie didn't reply to Rosy's analysis. She was afraid that Rosy would misinterpret her good intentions and think that she was simply against Devin. After all, it was a family matter.

Sitting next to Rosy, she brought up another topic.

"If I manage to kill Lord Nalan, we should grab this opportunity to take Linda down. If people think that Linda is the cause of his death, she will lose her reputation forever," she said earnestly.

Hearing Jessie's words, Rosy became even more determined to take Linda down.

"Yes! We should make good use of this opportunity to take her down so that she won't be able to stand in our way any longer," said Rosy.

Lately, Rosy had been avoiding di

adn't opened her eyes but she'd felt his lips.

Expecting Bun to be waiting outside the room, she shouted, "Bun."

It was already past 10 o'clock now. She knew that Bun must be waiting for her outside the door.

Bun had gotten used to waiting for Linda outside her room in the morning. It had become second nature for her.

"My Lady, you're up," replied Bun, running toward Linda's bed. Then, she helped Linda walk to the bathroom and waited for her to brush her teeth and wash her face.

"My Lady, look at your neck," Bun said suddenly when she helped Linda walk into the bathroom.

Linda paused. Hearing Bun's words, she began to recall what had happened last night. She was wondering if Charles had kissed her on the neck without her knowing it.

They were about to have breakfast in the dining room. If there were hickeys on her neck, she would feel so embarrassed when people saw them. 'Charles, you idiot, ' she said to herself.

Turning to the mirror, Linda began to look at her neck carefully, only to find that there was nothing on the skin around her neck. She realized at once that Bun was just messing around with her. Sure enough, she heard Bun giggling behind her.

"Do you want me to kick your ass?" asked Linda, giving Bun a slap on the bottom. Just then, Bun's phone rang.

She picked it up and answered, "Anna, what's wrong?"

"Bun, tell Lady Linda to come to the hospital at once. Lord Nalan has shown signs of regaining consciousness. He might wake up soon!" said Anna on the other end of the line.

Bun was overjoyed to hear Anna's words. She turned to Linda with a bright smile and said, "My Lady, great news! Anna said that Lord Nalan has shown signs of waking up!"

"What? That's great!" said Linda excitedly.

She was so thrilled by the news that she could barely hold her toothbrush straight.

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