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   Chapter 670 All Their Efforts Would Be In Vain

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Rosy had called Linda a bitch twice, which surprised Jessie. Since Rosy hadn't mentioned Linda for a long time, Jessie thought that she had let the past go.

"You're being emotional. Let's discuss the real issue first. Your grandfather said that he would give the Sky Building as a gift to one of Linda's babies. Do you know whether he gave her the certificate of property rights of the Sky Building?" asked Jessie seriously.

She remembered Rosy telling her a long time ago that her grandfather had decided to give the Sky Building to Linda. If he had already given Linda the certificate, then the Nalan Clan couldn't claim that the Sky Building was Rosy's dowry because they didn't have the certificate in their hands.

Everyone would laugh at Rosy if they came to know that she claimed that the Sky Building was her dowry even though it belonged to someone else.

"I don't know. He might not have had the chance to give it to her yet," said Rosy.

Rosy frowned, slowly beginning to recall the details. At the time when her grandfather had brought this up at a family gathering, Linda had still been pregnant. The twins hadn't been born yet.

He wouldn't have given Linda the certificate before the babies were born, would he?

"You should confirm it first. As long as Linda doesn't have the certificate, it shouldn't be a problem," said Jessie.

Since Linda hadn't been brought up by the Nalan Clan, it was easy to argue that the property shouldn't fall into her hands.

Since Lord Nalan had become a vegetable, they could refuse to keep his promise by claiming that it was invalid now. Linda's last name was Xia, not Nalan. They had every reason to dispute her claim to the Sky Building.

"But there's still one uncertain factor. Even though my grandfather is a vegetable now, what if he recovers one day? He is still in the Mu Clan's private hospital," said Rosy worriedly.

Rosy didn't know her grandfather's condition, so she was worried that he might wake up one day.

Even if he hadn't given the certificate to Linda yet, he had the right to do so if he ever woke up.

And if that happened, they would lose everything to Linda. They didn't want that to happen.

What was more, Rosy and Jessie were the reason that Rosy's grandfather had become a vegetable. They were the masterminds who had gotten someone to push him into a pond. If he ever woke up, he might remember something that could connect that "falling accident" of his to Rosy and Jessie. Even if he couldn't figure out the truth on his own, Linda would definitely get to the bottom of it.

Rosy would lose everything then.

Attempted murder was a serious crime, and she could go to jail for what she'd done.

"Yes, that's something we can't control. We don't know whether your grandfather will recover. What if he does? You might lose

Rosy said. She knew that Rosy was just trying to help her find happiness, but she was afraid that it wasn't possible. She had promised her sugar daddy that she wouldn't get a boyfriend or get married for three years. They had even signed an agreement.

Anyway, Jessie knew that Rosy meant well, and that was why she always tried to help Rosy out.

Rosy always knew that she could trust Jessie with such matters, so she felt glad that Jessie had volunteered to help her.

Jessie was the one who always came up with great ideas. Pushing Richard into the pond had been her idea too.

Rosy could never have come up with such a plan on her own. However, they hadn't expected that Richard would survive. Even though he was in a coma, his very existence was proving to be a nuisance for them.

If Jessie's plan worked out and they successfully killed Richard, they would get back everything he had given Linda, including the gifts to the twins, the gifts to Linda, and even the inheritance which belonged to Sherry and Linda.

All of a sudden, Jessie thought of an old saying.

When a snipe and a clam quarrel, the fisherman profits.

Rosy had a brother, Devin, who might profit from their fight with Linda.

Although many parents had stopped favoring boys over girls these days, Lenny wasn't one of them. He liked Devin more than he liked Rosy. As Rosy's best friend, Jessie could easily see that Lenny liked his son more than he liked his daughter just from the way he treated both of them.

Lenny might want Devin to prosper.

In this case, Devin seemed to be the fisherman. What if Lenny gave most of the family property to Devin after Jessie and Rosy successfully grabbed the property from Linda's hands?

All their efforts would be in vain!

Rosy was Jessie's best friend, not Devin's. She would hate to see the fruit of their victory be handed over to someone else.

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