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   Chapter 669 Becker Wang From The Wang Clan

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"What did the doctor say about her problem?" Linda asked.

"The doctor said that Rebecca probably experienced something horrible in her past which has caused a psychological trauma in her heart. She's been diagnosed with schizophrenia," Paul replied.

Hearing Paul's words, Anna thoughtfully rubbed her chin as she recalled Rebecca's behavior a few days ago. "When we met Rebecca, I felt that her behavior was quite questionable. The look in her eyes didn't seem to be normal. But I wasn't sure about it and assumed that she was depressed because of her husband's death. I didn't expect her to be schizophrenic," she said slowly.

Linda pondered over Anna's words. Although she had studied psychology, she wasn't clear about this mental illness.

Anna continued, "Patients with schizophrenia aren't able to realize or accept their mental illnesses. They can't control their behavior by their free will, so generally, even if they commit a murder, the court won't give them a death sentence."

"It's lucky that Lady Linda is safe, otherwise, I won't let Rebecca off even if she's a schizophrenic!" Bun said angrily, pursing her lips.

Bun was really furious at Rebecca. She had been away from Linda for just one afternoon but during that afternoon, Linda had been fed sleeping pills and wounded by a kitchen knife. It was too dangerous. If Bun had been there, she wouldn't have let Rebecca touch even a single strand of hair on Linda's head.

"Okay, just send Rebecca to the hospital to receive treatment," Linda said to Paul. Before visiting Rebecca, Linda had thought that Langston's case had come to an end. But now, not only had she gone through a horrible experience, but she also had a lot of new doubts about Langston's case.

Since it was confirmed that Rebecca had a mental illness, Linda knew that she wouldn't be able to get the truth out of her now. She would just let Rebecca receive medical treatment.

"But Paul, please carry on the investigation about that chunk of meat," Linda added. It was a crime to eat human flesh no matter whose it was, so she wanted to find out who Rebecca had gotten the meat from.

Soon after Linda gave her instruction, a message tone sounded on Paul's phone.

Paul took out his phone and checked the message. Then, he smiled and said to Linda, "My Lady, I've just gotten a report from the WSS organization about the chunk of meat. They've confirmed that the meat was from a morgue. Rebecca bought it through the black market."

Linda sighed and shook her head after hearing it.

Rebecca had indeed lied to her about everything.

She had even described how the two trainees had knelt down in front of her and begged for mercy, and how she had cut them into pieces. Now, it seemed that it was all a lie. Sophia h

ghter in this generation, so she was chosen to marry Becker.

Rosy felt extremely happy these days because her fiance was very handsome. He was even comparable to Young Master Mu.

"My father has decided to give me the Sky Building as a dowry. The Sky Building, which the Nalan Clan invested in, has now developed into a prosperous commercial mall. If I marry into the Wang Clan with the ownership of the Sky Building as a dowry, the members of the Wang Clan won't look down on me,"

Rosy said with a confident smile painted across her face.

The engagement had been discussed and decided by the elder generation of the two clans. Becker Wang hadn't come back to SH City yet.

The two clans were planning to announce their engagement to the public next week.

The two clans would be united by this marriage and would help each other become stronger.

"The Sky Building?" Jessie frowned when she heard this name. She found it very familiar for some reason.

Suddenly, it occurred to her that the Sky Building was one of the gifts that Lord Nalan had given to one of Linda's twin babies.

About half a year ago, Rosy had complained to Jessie about it. She had been furious with her grandfather at that time for his decision.

The Sky Building was a very important part of the Nalan Clan's business, but Lord Nalan had decided to give complete ownership of the Sky Building to one of Linda's twins. He had also given another valuable gift to the other baby. This had irritated Rosy very much.

Recalling Rosy's complaints back then, Jessie asked, "Didn't you tell me that Lord Nalan gave the Sky Building to one of Linda's babies?"

As soon as Linda's name was mentioned, Rosy became furious and yelled, "Linda? That bitch! The Sky Building can't belong to Linda Xia! I won't let that bitch get any of the Nalan Clan's properties!"

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