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   Chapter 668 Had A Mental Problem

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Although Linda felt the wound in her leg ache very much, she was still lucky that it wasn't severe.

Meanwhile, Anna hurried toward Linda's ward as soon as she woke up to confirm Linda's safety.

"My Lady, are you okay?" Anna asked worriedly.

Linda felt relaxed to see that Anna was safe too, so she said, "I'm okay, Anna. What about you?"

"I'm fine, too. Thank God! I was so worried about you. Damn it! I was so stupid to have drunk almost the whole glass of orange juice," Anna said in a regretful voice. She mentally chided herself for being so careless.

Both Linda and Anna had sensed that there was something off about Rebecca when she'd gone into the kitchen to bring them the orange juice. They had been wary of the juice at first, but had been careless enough to drink it in the end.

Noticing the bandage on Linda's leg, Anna frowned and asked with concern, "My Lady, what happened to your leg? Are you hurt?"

"Yes. Rebecca threw a kitchen knife at me and it caught my leg." Linda felt odd speaking those words. She had never imagined that she would be cut by a kitchen knife.

"A kitchen knife?" Anna was confused and curious about what had happened after she'd fainted at Rebecca's house, but then she saw that Linda's face was still very pale.

She immediately realized that Linda must have lost a lot of blood and that the wound must ache very much. It wouldn't be appropriate to make Linda talk too much now, so she stopped asking questions.

Charles touched Linda's head, looked at her tenderly, and said, "Linda, let's talk about it later. Have a good rest first!"

"Okay." Linda indeed felt too weak to talk a lot. It was better for her to close her eyes and sleep more, so that she could forget about the pain in her leg.

After covering Linda with the quilt, Charles turned to Anna and said, "Anna, please come out with me and tell me about the whole matter." Anna nodded and followed Charles out of Linda's ward.

She quickly filled him in on everything that had happened at Rebecca's house in detail, including their suspicions about Rebecca's behavior. However, she couldn't tell Charles the whole story because she didn't know what had happened after she'd fainted at the doorstep of Rebecca's house. She didn't even know anything about how Linda had been wounded.

After the conversation with Charles, Anna went to look for the doctor who had performed the surgery on Linda. The doctor reassured her that Linda's wound wasn't severe and that she just needed a good rest. The only problem was that there would be a scar left on Linda's leg.

Knowing that the cut in Linda's leg wasn't serious and wouldn't do her harm made Anna felt relieved. Still, she was discontent with the fact that there would be a scar left on Linda's leg and decided to hel

didn't scare me. Now, let's go!"

Paul had already driven the car to the front gate of the hospital and was waiting for them to come down.

He had been investigating Rebecca's case these past two days while Charles had been keeping Linda company in the hospital.

After they arrived at the villa, Linda found that Charles had bought a rocking chair for her. She lay on the chair and comfortably rocked back and forth. Since her leg was hurt, this would be the perfect place for her to rest.

Charles had been considerate enough to buy that chair for her. It wouldn't be good for Linda's health if she just kept lying on the bed all day. Besides, Charles knew that Linda wouldn't be willing to lie in bed even if the doctors told her to.

After parking the car in the garage, Paul came to the living room and reported to Linda, "My Lady, I've gotten the result of the DNA test on the meat in the dumplings. The meat is human flesh, indeed, but it didn't belong to Sharon Ho."

Linda was surprised to hear the result.

'It's not Sharon's flesh?' she wondered.

"Then, did it belong to Winnie Su's body?"

"I had the same guess, so I asked them to test it against Winnie Su's DNA too. But it wasn't Winnie's flesh, either," said Paul.

Linda fell into deep thought. It seemed that Rebecca's words weren't trustworthy at all.

Linda couldn't even separate the truth from the lies.

If that chunk of meat didn't belong to either of those trainees, then whose meat was it?

Linda now believed that Sophia had been telling the truth about what she had seen in Langston's house that day. It must have been Langston who had killed those two trainees, not Rebecca.

"Lady Linda, we also took Rebecca Liang to the police station, and the police transferred her to a psychiatric hospital. She's been diagnosed with a mental illness," continued Paul.

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