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   Chapter 667 My Shin Hurts So Much

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7886

Updated: 2019-03-21 00:05

Charles kept waiting at the door with a troubled look on his face.

An hour later, the doctor pushed Linda out of the operation room on a stretcher.

"How is she?" Charles asked anxiously, standing up and walking to the doctor.

"The wound on Lady Linda's shin is a bit deep, but she will be all right. We have treated and bandaged the wound. Since she has ingested sleeping pills, she will wake up after about four hours," replied the doctor.

Charles felt relieved after hearing that Linda was fine.

"It's lucky that even though her shin was seriously injured, the artery wasn't affected. Otherwise, she might be..." Even though the doctor didn't finish his words, Bun and Charles shuddered when they imagined what could have happened.

They were relieved that Linda's life was out of danger now.

Linda was the person whom Charles loved most in the world, so he didn't know what he would do if something bad happened to her.

"Young Master, we need to take Lady Linda to a ward and provide her with nursing care to help her recover," the doctor said.

Then, the nurses took Linda to the best ward in the hospital.

Fortunately, Linda would recover from her injury, and she was just fast asleep now, so Charles was less worried. But when he saw Linda's shin wrapped in thick gauze bandages, he still felt very sorry for her.

"Bun, go and ask the doctor when Anna will wake up."

Until now, Charles's only concern had been Linda, but now that Linda would be okay, he wanted to know what had happened at Rebecca's house. Since Linda wouldn't wake up for the next four hours and Paul was still dealing with the matter in Rebecca's house, Charles thought that he could learn what had happened from Anna if she woke up soon.

"Young Master, I asked the doctor about it earlier. He told me that since Anna took a higher dosage of the sleeping pills than Lady Linda, it would take five or six hours for her to wake up." Bun was still feeling guilty about not keeping Linda company even though it wasn't her fault that Linda had gotten hurt. She felt that her absence had put Linda's life in danger.

"That's okay. Since Linda and Anna are all right now, you can go back home first to get some rest."

Bun nodded, but she simply walked out of Linda's ward and waited at the door. She guessed that Charles might be hoping to have a moment

When Paul received the call, he was clearing the scene.

Since the matter was serious, he'd told the police to help deal with it. A team of police officers was rushing to Rebecca's house right now.

After all, since they lived in a modern society with a proper legal system, they couldn't take the liberty to punish Rebecca as they pleased. They had to let the police arrest her and officially give her a sentence according to the national law.

When Paul noticed that Charles was calling him, he immediately answered the phone and greeted, "Young Master."

"This is Linda speaking. Paul, do you see a bowl of dumplings on the table? Rebecca told me that the meat she used to make the dumpling filling is actually from Sharon's body. Please take it to the hospital and run a DNA test to check whether she told the truth. Also, I suspect that Rebecca might have a mental illness."

"Okay, My Lady, I got it. I will deal with all of this."

After hanging up the phone, Linda sighed with relief.

"Honey, I'm very worried about you," Charles said, suddenly pulling Linda into his arms.

Seeing Linda lying on the bed in pain made Charles upset. He would rather suffer the pain for her than see her like this.

"Don't worry about me. As long as I have the dragon ring, no one can hurt me. The only reason I got injured on my shin was because I wasn't careful enough," Linda said with a smile, resting her hand on the back of Charles's head.

She already knew that Charles cared about her very much, but he seemed even more nervous and worried than usual.

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