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   Chapter 666 Keep Linda's Safety First

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Updated: 2019-03-20 00:15

A sharp pain shot through Linda's wounded leg.

"My Lady, are you okay?!" Burning with anxiety, Bun immediately jumped off the windowsill and rushed to Linda's side. She quickly untied the rope around Linda's body.

Seeing the worried expression on Bun's face, Linda wanted to say something to reassure her, but she was too weak to say anything, so instead, she shook her head, implying to Bun that she was fine. However, the next second, she fainted in Bun's arms.

Linda had already been feeling very sleepy because of the sleeping pills she had unknowingly ingested. Until Bun had arrived, she had been strong enough to keep herself awake for almost an hour and put up a fight against Rebecca, but now, the pain in her leg and the loss of blood had finally drained all of her energy away, so she lost consciousness completely.

Bun panicked even more when she saw Linda pass out.

Carrying Linda in her arms, Bun immediately called Paul. As soon as the line connected, she said quickly, "Paul, Lady Linda is in danger. Call an ambulance to Rebecca's house now!"

Paul was taken aback and reflexively stood up from his chair when he heard Bun's anxious voice from the other end of the line. Charles, who was sitting next to Paul, was confused by Paul's reaction to the call, so he frowned and asked, "Paul, what happened?"

"It's Bun. She said that Lady Linda is in danger and asked me to call an ambulance!"

Charles and Paul were having a meeting with the other company staff in the meeting room, but the moment Charles heard that Linda was in danger, he put his files away, grabbed his coat from his chair, and ran straight out of the meeting room, ignoring the presence of all the other executives there. Paul quickly gave the word to dismiss the meeting before running after Charles.

Nothing was more important than Linda.

For Charles, Linda was his whole world. He would always put her safety first.

On their way to Rebecca's house, Charles asked anxiously, "What had happened? Why is Linda in danger now?" Charles was driving the car himself at the fastest speed that he could manage to drive on a busy city road.

"Young Master, I don't know the details yet. All I know is that Bun sounded panic-stricken. We will find out what's happening soon," Paul said, sitting in the passenger seat.

Charles was skilled at driving. He expertly zigzagged his way through the heavy traffic without colliding with another car or knocking a pedestrian down. They arrived at Rebecca's house in mere minutes.



Bun said anxiously, her eyes brimming with tears.

Since both Linda and Anna were in an unconscious state, Charles had no choice but to wait until they woke up to learn about the whole situation. A few moments later, the ambulance reached Rebecca's house. Charles carefully carried Linda in his arms and laid her onto the stretcher in the ambulance.

After Paul carried Anna to the ambulance, Charles turned to him. "Paul, please deal with the rest of the matter here,"

Charles instructed, gritting his teeth in anger.

How dare someone hurt Linda!

Paul nodded and said, "Yes, Young Master. I'll look into it."

Bun also got into the ambulance and followed them to the hospital. She didn't want to stay there to investigate anything. She didn't care about what the whole story was because Linda was her only concern now.

The ambulance sped along the road with its siren wailing. All the drivers on the road politely gave way to the ambulance when they heard the sound.

Soon enough, Linda was wheeled into the emergency room on a stretcher. Anna also was sent to have a body check-up. After the check-up, it was found that nothing serious had happened to Anna. She had only fallen asleep due to the effect of the sleeping pills and would wake up in a few hours.

Linda was sleeping due to the effect of the sleeping pills too, but the wound in her leg was much more serious. The doctors had to treat her wound at once, otherwise, it could cause severe damage and even disable her.

So, Linda was wheeled into the operation room. Although the doctor had told Charles that there was no threat to Linda's life, he still couldn't help but feel very worried.

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