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   Chapter 665 Forgot About The Kitchen Knife

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Not wanting Bun to come across such danger when she got here, Linda tightened her fist so that Rebecca couldn't take the dragon ring away from her.

"Rebecca, please calm down. Don't be so stupid. Killing people is a crime," Linda shouted in anger.

"A crime? Do you think it matters to me? I'm not afraid of anything, even losing my life, so I don't care about whether I violate the law or not. Langston is dead, and without him, there is no point in living. I thought before that he would realize his mistakes and come back to me, but he didn't,"

Rebecca said, rage and disappointment flashing in her eyes.

She looked at the dragon ring and decided to seize it from Linda. However, Linda would never let her take it away.

When Rebecca approached her, she took the chance and kicked Rebecca as hard as possible.

Rebecca seemed to lack strength, because when Linda kicked her, she immediately fell back onto the floor.

She groaned in pain and struggled to stand up again.

It seemed that Rebecca wasn't in a good physical condition. She had already lost the strength in one of her hands after Linda had seriously hurt it with the dragon ring, and now, after the fall, her whole body was in pain.

Cold sweat broke out on her forehead, but she continued to glare at Linda.

Just then, they heard someone knock at the door. Linda had been in this hostile situation for a while now, so she took a quick glance at the clock and realized that the time was already past six o'clock now. She guessed that Bun was the one who had knocked at the door.

Bun knocked on the door and rang the doorbell for a while, but to her confusion, no one came to open the door.

'Where's Lady Linda? She told me that she would stay here and wait for me. Has she left already?' Bun wondered.

Then, she took out her phone and called Linda.

Although there was no answer, Bun could hear the ringtone of Linda's phone coming from inside the house.

'Her phone is inside the house, so why isn't she answering it? What's going on?' Bun wondered anxiously.

When Linda heard her phone rang, she was sure

shouted but it was too late.

Rebecca had already managed to close her fingers around the kitchen knife. She turned her head to look at Linda and suddenly laughed with a wicked look on her face.

Then, she picked up the knife and threw it toward Linda. Linda was frightened, knowing that she would be seriously injured if the kitchen knife made contact with her.

Rebecca had thrown the knife so hard that it would definitely hit Linda's chest and draw blood if Linda didn't move right now.

Thinking quickly, Linda stretched out her leg and kicked the table hard in an attempt to dodge the knife.

The chair fell backward with Linda still in it.

At the same time, Linda closed her eyes shut in fear.

She knew she would survive if she could escape this. Rebecca had exerted all her strength to throw the knife this time.

Although the knife didn't hit Linda's chest or belly, it hit her shin.


Linda felt her shin being struck hard by something.

The kitchen knife cut Linda's pants and her shin, which began to bleed. What was worse, as Linda fell, her back hit against the floor. The impact was so hard that she felt like all her bones were broken. The back of her head also hit the floor, making her feel so dizzy that she nearly passed out.

The whole thing happened within a split-second. Still on the windowsill, Bun felt sorry for Linda and cried out, "My Lady!"

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