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   Chapter 664 It Was Delicious

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Rebecca was so excited that her spit landed on Linda's face while she spoke, which made Linda feel really disgusted.

'If you're going to spit while you talk, please don't come so close to me," thought Linda. 'It's so gross!'

She wanted to wipe the saliva away from her face but her hands were tied together behind her back.

"If you didn't like everything that Langston was up to, you should have left him back then. Stop thinking that you can't live without him. Everyone can live without another person," said Linda, trying to comfort Rebecca a little.

"Left him?" said Rebecca with a sneer.

She was amused by Linda's words.

"Do you think it's that easy? I loved him very much."

Linda went silent. She had seen many people do crazy things for love, but she'd never seen someone kill another person like Rebecca had done. How could she have done something so awful?

One of the biggest differences between human beings and animals was that human beings were rational beings.

Animals would sometimes kill their own kind while fighting over food or something else, but it wasn't like that for human beings. Human beings were living in a civilized society where they could use various methods to solve a problem instead of resorting to murder. Murder was a serious crime and all murderers had to be punished.

Linda thought that Rebecca must be out of her mind. She might even be mentally ill. Linda wondered what had happened to her. What had driven her insane?

"Do you know how kind he was before he became a celebrity? Every morning, he kissed me on the forehead and said, 'Good morning, babe.' He called me 'Babe' back then.

He cared about me very much. He would even put on my socks for me. Even if he was busy, he would squeeze some time in his schedule to have dinner with me," continued Rebecca.

She was staring at the ceiling and seemed to be remembering all the good old memories. Seeing her like this, Linda began to feel sorry for Rebecca.

She was a pitiful woman but her hatred had blackened her heart.

Murder was never a way to solve problems. There were always other rational and legal means. That was what laws were for.

Since Linda didn't say anything. Rebecca began to lose her temper and glared at Linda.

"Why did he lose interest in me? Was it just because I couldn't give him a baby? What am I? Just a tool to carry his baby?" muttered Rebecca.

'What?' wondered Linda.

She was confused by what Rebecca had just said.

When Linda was carrying out the investigation of Langston's case, she had come to Rebecca's house with Bun and Brian to ask Rebecca a few questions.

While talking to Rebecca, Linda had offhandedly asked her why she and Langston didn't have a

enly enlightened. "That's okay. Let me help you."

Then, she grabbed a pair of chopsticks from the table and picked up a dumpling with it. Holding it out in front of Linda's mouth, she said, "Open your mouth."

Linda turned her head to the side. She knew that she had to do something soon or she would be forced to eat it. Crossing her hands, she tried to pull the trigger on the dragon ring to fire the marble bullet.

She needed both of her hands to pull the trigger.

Rebecca frowned. That was when she noticed that Linda seemed to be planning on doing something.

A small black marble bullet shot out of the dragon ring and hit Rebecca's wrist.

Rebecca felt a sharp pain in her wrist. It hurt so much that she couldn't hold the plate any longer.


The plate fell to the ground and shattered into pieces.

Rebecca broke out into a cold sweat.

The marble bullet had really hurt her a lot. "You idiot! What's that on your finger?" shouted Rebecca. Enduring the sharp pain, she tried to take the ring off Linda's finger. Linda furrowed her eyebrows.

She realized that she hadn't thought it through. She didn't have enough strength to fight Rebecca head-on because of the effect of the sleeping pills, and she couldn't run away because she was tied to the chair. It would be easy for Rebecca to take her ring off.

What should she do?

She couldn't let Rebecca take the dragon ring away from her. If Rebecca took it, she could hurt Bun with it when Bun arrived at the house.

Linda hadn't aimed at Rebecca's head because she hadn't wanted to kill her.

She had never thought that it would give Rebecca a chance to take her dragon ring. In Rebecca's hands, the ring had the potential to put Bun's life in danger. If Rebecca shot the marble bullet at Bun's chest or her head, Bun would die.

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