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   Chapter 663 Rebecca Was Afraid Of Nothing

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Linda wasn't stupid enough to believe that Rebecca would let her go even if she could guess whose flesh it was.

"Just tell me whose flesh it is," said Linda calmly.

With a cold smile, Rebecca grabbed the kitchen knife next to her and put the chunk of meat on the chopping block.

She lifted up the kitchen knife in her hand and quickly sliced the meat into two pieces.

"You want to know whose it is? Why don't you have a taste of it yourself? You'll know the answer after eating it. Didn't you say that you would eat dumplings here together with me? You're the Lady of the Mu Clan, so how can you fail to keep your word?" Rebecca asked, staring at Linda as if she was staring at her prey.

Linda was well aware that Rebecca would definitely kill her today since she had exposed her true face to Linda. Rebecca was just trying to scare Linda by saying such things. Seeing another person's fear could bring excitement for people with distorted minds.

Just like in a game of cat-and-mouse, that the cat would enjoy playing with the mouse for a while instead of eating it right away.

"Are you insane? Why are you making dumplings with human flesh?" Linda scolded, unable to control her anger.

"Oh, really? I'm insane? I just think human flesh is delicious! You'll agree too if you taste it!" Rebecca said and burst into wild laughter.

Linda sneered and said, "I won't eat a bite of it!"

"Oh? You think you have a choice?" Rebecca stood up abruptly and strode to her bedroom.

Moments later, she came out of her bedroom with a few embroidered needles in her hands.

As she showed the needles to Linda, she said in a sinister voice, "Okay, you can choose not to eat the dumplings. Do you see what I have in my hands? There are thirteen needles, one for each dumpling. Since you don't look like you can eat much, I'll just make you eat thirteen dumplings."

Linda took a deep breath as she looked at the sharp needles in Rebecca's hands and asked, "What exactly are you saying?"

"I mean, you can choose not to eat the thirteen dumplings, but I will wake that woman up and pierce these needles into her body. One needle for each dumpling that you don't eat!" Rebecca said and pointed her finger at Anna, who was still asleep due to the effect of the sleeping pills. Finishing her words, Rebecca burst into wild laughter again.

Her shrill voice echoed in Linda's ears, sending a shiver down her spine.

The room was already dark without the lights turned on, and now, it was becoming darker as the sun was setting. There was less and less light coming from the window, making the atmosphere inside the room turn eerie on this cold winter day.


her and begged for mercy.

What on earth was the truth? Linda was really puzzled now.

"You killed Sharon Ho?" Linda asked cautiously.

"Yes, I did kill her, and I killed Winnie Su too. In fact, on that day, I also wanted to kill Sophia Liu, the superstar who has ruined my husband's reputation. However, for some reason, she didn't show up that day, so she was fortunate enough to escape death."

Rebecca kept blurting out her secrets without trying to hide anything now. It was probably because she thought that Linda would be taking them to the grave today.

Linda had learned psychology. She knew that Rebecca had been keeping this a secret in her heart for a long time and that she really wanted to have someone to talk to. Now that Linda was already like a cricket in a cage, Rebecca probably thought it was okay to tell Linda all her secrets.

The dead couldn't talk, so Rebecca was afraid of nothing now.

She would just kill Linda soon and no one would find out about all these secrets. Now, Rebecca was finally able to release all the stress in her mind, and at the same time, her need for excitement would be satisfied too in this game of cat-and-mouse.

Now, it seemed to Linda that the two trainees had really been killed by Rebecca, and Langston was innocent when it came to their murders.

"Why did you kill them? You can't solve a problem by killing a person," Linda scolded.

Agitated by Linda's words, Rebecca yelled, "Then tell me! How should I solve a problem? Do you know something? Langston really loved me very much in the past! But later, he spent less and less time at home! I didn't even get to see him once a week! He just stayed in his villas all the time with those trainees! Sharon Ho! Winnie Su! Sophia Liu! They should all go to hell!"

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