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   Chapter 662 I Will Let You Go If You Guess It

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Updated: 2019-03-18 00:16

"You're not staying for dinner?" Rebecca asked, looking at Linda in confusion.

Linda smiled, but she could see that Rebecca was a bit displeased.

"I'm sorry. I just got a message from my husband saying that my mother-in-law is coming over to have dinner with me tonight. I haven't seen her for a month, so I should leave now. I will visit you again another day."

"Okay." Rebecca smiled back.

Linda winked at Anna. Immediately taking the hint, Anna stood up and said goodbye to Rebecca, turning to leave with Linda.

"Let me get the door for you," Rebecca said.

"Okay, thanks."

Rebecca walked up to the door and opened it.

"See you, Ms. Liang,"

Linda said, smiling at Rebecca. But when she was just about to step out of the house with Anna, she felt dizzy all of a sudden.

Shaking her head, Linda began to realize that something was wrong and that Rebecca wanted to harm them.

She turned around and found Anna with her arm stretched to the wall for support as she tried not to fall.

"My Lady, it's a sleeping pill," Anna said softly before falling down to the floor. Linda's head was spinning too, but she didn't feel as dizzy as Anna had and she wasn't about to pass out.

However, her body was almost limp, as if all of her blood had gathered in her head, making her feel so weak. She felt better after she slowly squatted down while supporting herself with a hand on the door.

"You want to leave, right? Just go!" Rebecca taunted as she stood at the door and smiled down at Linda. With crow's feet around her eyes, Rebecca's face looked a bit horrific and weird.

"Rebecca Liang, what do you mean? What are you trying to do?" Linda asked, trying her best to keep herself awake.

She also began to ponder why Anna had fainted but she hadn't.

She wondered whether Rebecca had put sleeping pills into the orange juice they'd drunk just now.

It would explain why Anna had fainted because Anna had drunk the whole glass of juice while Linda had only drunk a little. Anna must have ingested a higher dosage of sleeping pills than Linda had done.

"Guess what I want to do to you!"

Rebecca said, the expression on her face suddenly turning wicked. Staring at Linda, she squatted down and patted Linda on the face.

"Aren't you the Lady of t

p as she told Linda before. Once Bun arrived at the house, Rebecca wouldn't be able to do anything to harm Linda and Anna. However, Linda didn't want to pin all her hopes on Bun.

After all, the door was closed, so the first thing Bun might do was to knock on the door. Since Linda was tied up and Anna was unconscious, they couldn't open the door for her. And if Rebecca heard a knock at the door, she might get anxious and do something crazy. Even if Bun noticed right away that there was something wrong, she might try to break in instead of knocking at the door, but it would surely take her some time no matter what method she used.

Linda knew that many things were unpredictable and any plan could go wrong, so she wanted to deal with the situation on her own without solely relying on Bun.

"Guess what kind of meat it is," Rebecca said.

Linda lowered her head and looked at the meat. Just like Anna had said, there was yellow fat sandwiched between the white meat.

She felt sick knowing that the chunk of meat was probably from a human being, not a chicken.

The meat was too big to belong to a chicken. "I believe that you have already guessed it. Then, guess whose meat it is," Rebecca said with a sinister smile.

Linda was very annoyed that Rebecca would ask her to guess such a thing. How could she have any idea about whose meat it was? She'd never expected Rebecca to be so vicious that she'd even hidden a person's meat in the fridge.

"I'll let you go if you guess it. What do you think?"

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