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   Chapter 661 What Kind Of Meat Is This

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Although Rebecca's smile looked warm and tender, Linda could somehow sense a hint of coldness in her eyes.

But she couldn't quite figure out what that look in her eyes meant.

Linda watched as Rebecca opened the fridge and took out some ingredients from it. They were a bunch of shepherd's purse, two pieces of dried beancurd, and some green onions and ginger. These were probably the ingredients for making the dumpling filling.

"I'm coming too, but I don't know how to make dumplings. I just want to watch you make the dumplings. I hope you don't mind that," Anna said excitedly when she saw Linda go into the kitchen to help Rebecca make the dumplings. She stood up from her seat and walked to the kitchen. It would be boring sitting alone in the living room, so she wanted to see Linda and Rebecca make dumplings instead.

When she got there, she saw Rebecca open the lower door of the fridge, which was the freezer compartment, and take out a black plastic bag from it.

"What's that?" Linda asked curiously when she saw the black bag in Rebecca's hands.

Rebecca grinned, opened the black plastic bag, and showed it to Linda. "It's meat!" she said.

"Oh? A whole piece of meat? Ms. Liang, you have so much patience! Why don't you buy meat paste directly from the market? Wouldn't that be more convenient? Do you want to mince the meat by yourself?"

Linda asked, surprised to see a whole piece of meat in the bag.

Nowadays, people tended to buy meat paste directly from the market when they wanted to make dumplings. Most butchers had a machine to mince the fresh meat for the customers. It was troublesome for a housewife to mince the meat by herself at home.

"I have so much free time on my hands, so I prefer to buy a whole chunk of fresh meat and mince it by myself,"

Rebecca explained slowly as she put the chunk of meat in a container and filled the container with water to defrost the frozen meat.

"I think it will take some time to defrost the meat. I'm sorry to keep you waiting!" Rebecca turned to Linda and said.

"It's okay. No hurry," said Linda. Looking at the hard and frozen meat, Linda estimated that it would probably take at least half an hour to defrost it. No wonder Rebecca had started to make the dumplings a whole hour before dinner time.

While they waited for the meat to defrost, they sat down again to chat. At about five o'clock, Rebecca said to Linda and Anna,"Oh, right! I made some sweet soup with white fungus and red dates this morning. I've kept it warm in a vacuum flask. Let me bring some for both of you."

Linda co

ldn't believe that such a terrible thing would happen in reality, and that too in a modern society!

Langston Fu had already been insane and perverted enough to make Linda feel disgusted, but was it possible that his wife was even worse than he had been?

Linda really hoped that Anna's guess was wrong.

Sensing a danger near them, Linda immediately took out her phone and sent Bun a message telling her that she and Anna might be in danger and asking her to come as soon as possible.

Although their guess wasn't certain yet, Linda had to do something soon to ensure their safety.

Rebecca indeed looked strange to Linda. Even if their guess about the meat was wrong, there was still a chance that they would come across some sort of danger, so she hoped that Bun would come as soon as possible.

After texting Bun, Linda put her phone back into her pocket in a casual way, as if nothing had happened. A few moments later, Rebecca came out of the kitchen after washing all the vegetables and saw that Linda and Anna hadn't drunk even a little bit of the sweet soup, so she asked,"Well? Don't you like this soup? Why aren't you drinking it? Or is it not sweet enough? Do you need me to add some more sugar in it?"

Linda merely smiled, trying to quickly think of an excuse. She felt the atmosphere in the room becoming oppressive, so she found it hard to stay there for even a second more.

In the end, she said with a smile,"Oh, Ms. Liang, I'm really sorry. I just received a message from my husband saying that his mother is coming to our villa to have dinner together, so I should get going now. Let's make dumplings and eat them next time!" Linda stood up from the sofa and gave Rebecca an apologetic smile.

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