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   Chapter 660 Make Dumplings

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In the beginning, Linda had suspected that the two glasses of orange juice contained poison, but now, she thought that Rebecca might not be trying to poison them.

It was possible that Linda had just been too paranoid and worried about the matter too much, fearing that Rebecca would harm them since they were in her house.

Rebecca's husband had just died, so it was normal for her to be indignant. She was also really very pitiful.

And besides, Linda believed that Rebecca had no reason to harm her and Anna.

After all, Linda wasn't the one who had killed Langston, so Rebecca didn't have to get back at her.

Besides, Linda had just presented Rebecca with a large amount of money.

If anything, Rebecca should be grateful to Linda, not have a grudge against her.

Noticing that Linda kept silent, Rebecca felt a bit embarrassed. She smoothed the bangs on her forehead and said, "I'm sorry. I seldom cook by myself and the only things I can make are dumplings and wontons. If you want to eat wontons, I can make them instead."

"Well, both dumplings and wontons are okay," Linda said with a smile on her face.

As they were talking about dumplings, Rebecca began to reminiscence about her past with Langston.

"When Langston and I were newly married, he told me that the dumplings I made were very delicious. So, I often made dumplings for him. However, after that, he seldom came back home, and even when he did, he was indifferent to me. He once even handed me divorce papers and asked me to sign them, but I refused to sign," she said sadly, her eyes brimming with tears.

Anna picked up the glass of orange juice in front of her, took a sip, and said, "I think that there isn't any good and loyal man in this world, so I will never get married!"

Just now, Anna had also felt that something was off about Rebecca, so she decided to drink the orange juice first to figure out if Rebecca had poisoned it. Even if the juice was poisoned and Rebecca tried to harm them, Linda had the dragon ring on her finger to protect them and get them out of trouble. Anna also began to regret not asking Bun to come along with them. If Bun was here now, she wouldn't be so worried. But since Bun wasn't here to protect them, she was getting restless.

Anyway, she thought it was better for her to drink the juice first since she wasn't a bodyguard and wouldn't be able to protect Linda if they were in danger.

If Linda drank the juice first and it turned out it was poisoned, there was nothing Anna could do to save Linda or herself. The only way they could both escape danger was if Linda was safe enough to use the dragon ring to defeat the enemy.

Besides, Anna was a doctor and knew her own body well, so if there was really poison in

des, anyone who went to a bar would always be drunk, so everyone assumed that Langston had tried to rape Sophia just because he'd drunk a lot and lost his senses that day.

After the court pronounced the judgment of this case, it had attracted a lot of people's attention and it was talked about widely on the Internet.

Screenshots of the videos of Sophia and Langston having sex had been briefly put up on the Internet, but Linda had asked Paul to remove them immediately, so there was no one gossiping about the relationship between Langston and Sophia anymore. Instead, most of the netizens had begun to scold Langston.

Rebecca also told Linda and Anna about her love story with Langston. She said that when Langston had been a young man, he'd loved Rebecca very much and had done all sorts of romantic things to win her heart. He had put a lot of time and effort into chasing her.

Rebecca felt shy and blushed when talking about these happy moments in her life.

Perhaps women would always indulge themselves in the happiness of love like this, no matter how old they were.

They kept chatting and time ticked away. Now, it was about 4:30 in the afternoon.

"Oh, no, it's already 4:30! It's getting late. I have to make dumplings for you," Rebecca said with a smile as she glanced at the clock on the wall.

Linda thought it was time to prepare dinner too. Bun said that she would come and pick them up at about 6 o'clock, so she would arrive around the time they finished having dinner with Rebecca.

If Rebecca was making dumplings from scratch, she would have to prepare all of the materials and make the dumpling filling now.

It had been a long time since Linda had made dumplings and she wanted to give it a try now, so she said, "I can help you."

"Great!" Rebecca said, turning to Linda with a smile.

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