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   Chapter 659 There Isn't Any Boiled Water

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7271

Updated: 2019-03-17 00:06

Just when Linda reached the front door of Langston's house, she received a call from Bun.

With a suitcase in one hand, Linda struggled to answer the phone. "What's wrong, Bun?" she asked, knowing that Bun was supposed to be with Brian right now.

"My Lady, are you at Rebecca's house now? Shall I come and meet you there at around five or six o'clock?" Bun asked. She sounded a little upset.

"Why? Aren't you and Brian on a date? Aren't you celebrating your anniversary?" Linda asked in confusion.

Hearing Linda's words, Bun became even more upset.

"Don't remind me. He's leaving at six o'clock. The army called and asked him to come back. I'll come and meet you after I send him off, okay?" Bun explained. Bun still shuddered thinking about the time Linda had been disfigured. After that incident, she didn't want to be even a step away from Linda so that she could protect Linda from any harm. Bun thought it would be better to return to Linda as soon as Brian left.

Besides, there was no way that Brian could stay. As a soldier, his country always came first.

Even though he was the Major General, he had to obey every order from the army.

But being a soldier to serve their country was an honor of a lifetime. Bun was a soldier too, so although she was a bit sad that Brian couldn't celebrate their anniversary with her, she understood the situation and was proud of him.

Every soldier should be as aspiring as Brian and devote himself to the country.

"Okay. We just reached Rebecca's villa. You can come later. If we leave before six o'clock, I'll call you and tell you not to come," said Linda.

It seemed there was still a lot of time before Bun would arrive. She could still spend the day with Brian before he had to leave.

"Here we are at last! Let's go," Linda said to Anna after hanging up the phone. Linda walked forward and knocked at the door happily.

Moments later, the door swung open and Rebecca appeared in front of them.

Rebecca smiled upon seeing Linda.

"Oh, the Lady of the Mu clan! Welcome! Please come in," said Rebecca.

Anna looked at Rebecca and found that she looked terrible with severe dark circles under

the foulness exuding from Rebecca and the hatred in her eyes when she looked at Linda. Based on what Linda had learned from psychology and her own past experiences, she believed that there was something wrong.

"Sorry, My Lady. There isn't any boiled water at home. How about some juice?" Rebecca asked.

"Okay," Linda replied, shrugging her shoulders.

"I'm so sorry, My Lady. I don't drink boiled water, and since I don't have company often, I don't keep boiled water around. Would you like some orange juice?" said Rebecca, walking toward the kitchen.

There wasn't any boiled water?

Linda and Anna exchanged perplexed glances.

They could only see half of the kitchen from where they were sitting. They watched as Rebecca took out two glasses from the cupboard, but then she moved to the other side of the kitchen which they couldn't see.

After about half a minute, Rebecca came back to the living room with two full glasses of orange juice.

"Thank you for waiting. Here you are, orange juice at room temperature. My body is weak and I can't drink cold juice, so I didn't put the juice in the refrigerator. Please understand," said Rebecca.

"It's okay. Thank you," Linda replied, taking both of the glasses from Rebecca. Then, she put them on the table without drinking.

Rebecca checked the time and said, "It is already 4 o'clock. If you're not busy, how about staying and having dinner with me? I'll make dumplings."

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