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   Chapter 658 Visit Rebecca Liang

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There was a great uproar on the Internet when the public found out the truth about Langston's death. The netizens hadn't expected Langston to be such an evil man. And since the court had concluded the case, there was no disputing the facts.

Linda thought that Sophia had been lucky to be proved innocent in this case. Sophia was also lucky that the few netizens who had seen her indecent photos hadn't dug into it.

If any of the netizens dug into Sophia's past, there was a good chance that more clues about her dirty deal would be found out.

As the old saying goes, "Flies do not bite seamless eggs." Generally, when a tiny flaw of yours was seized by some malicious busybody, they would definitely be able to find more of your flaws. But Sophia was really lucky this time that no one did it.

Even though a small group of netizens still discussed Sophia's case online, it didn't bring much harm to her. Anyway, as a superstar, Sophia had already gotten used to gossip, rumors, and even malicious comments about her.

Langston's case had come to an end at the same time as the filming of the first movie that the Mu's Group had invested in.

The team of directors invited Charles and Linda to attend the wrap party of the movie when it was completed.

But Charles wasn't going to be able to attend the party because of other plans, so he asked Linda to attend the party on his behalf.

Linda agreed, and then asked Paul to invite Sophia to the party too.

Sophia hadn't acted in the later part of the movie due to everything that had been going on with Langston's case, but she had acted in the first part of the movie, so Sophia was part of the cast, too.

Now that the case had been concluded and Sophia had apologized to Linda, Linda thought that Sophia should have a chance to attend the wrap party of the movie too.

Besides, the public already knew that Sophia was a part of this movie, so if she didn't show up at the wrap party, it would bring up another round of discussion on the Internet. The media would take advantage of the noise to dig more into the whole story and there was no telling what they might find, so Linda thought it would be best for everyone, including Sophia, to attend the party.

When Sophia received Paul's invitation to the wrap party, she felt embarrassed, but she accepted the invitation and decided to dress up for the party.

Both Sophia and Linda decided to bury the hatchet and move on.

The court had ruled that Sophia was acquitted of all criminal charges, but that she had to pay ten million dollars as compensation to Langston's family members as punishment for her actions.

After an investigation into Langston's family background, it was f

whether it was five million or five hundred million. And yet, she had never seen all that money in cash before.

"My Lady, what's in these two suitcases?" Anna asked curiously when she saw Linda lugging the suitcases to the car. It seemed that the suitcases were very heavy.

She wondered if Linda was bringing some nutritious products as a gift to Rebecca. But the suitcases looked like steel safes! It wasn't necessary to put nutritious products in a safe.

"Can you guess it?" Linda asked, patting the suitcases after getting into the car.

"Is it money?"

"Yes. It's filled with cash, and it's all for Rebecca."

"Oh, my God! How much money is there in total? Several million? Rebecca would be so happy to see it!" Anna said excitedly.

Linda was stunned and rolled her eyes at Anna.

Rebecca had just lost her husband. How could money make her happy?

In Linda's eyes, a person's life was far more precious than several million.

With the help of the navigation device, Anna drove to Langston's house.

After they reached his house and got out of the car, Anna and Linda carried a suitcase each to the door.

"My Lady, we must look like Gods of Wealth delivering a fortune to someone. This is my first time bringing so much money to someone. It feels so odd!" Anna joked.

"We aren't Gods of Wealth. We're fairies with magical powers," Linda replied playfully to Anna's joke.

All the lights inside Langston's house were off.

And since it was a cold and dark day with barely any sunlight, the rooms looked even darker.

Standing in front of a window, Rebecca drew a gap in the curtain and looked outside. She saw Linda and Anna chattering happily as they approaching her house. As Rebecca laid her eyes on Linda, a cold and strange smile crept across her wrinkled face.

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