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   Chapter 657 The Videos Were leaked

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7986

Updated: 2019-03-16 00:06

After hearing Sophia, Bun became displeased. She threw a glance at Sophia and said, "You want Lady Linda to talk to you in a polite way? Do you remember how you talked to her in the past?"

"You!" Sophia was so annoyed that she couldn't even say anything.

In her eyes, Bun was just a bodyguard who was responsible for protecting Linda, so she was indignant that Bun dared to say such unkind words to her.

However, since Sophia was in Linda's territory and Linda had just helped her out, she didn't intend to talk back to Bun. Instead, she just lowered her head after snorting.

Leo turned his head to look at Sophia, who looked pale and haggard after spending two weeks in jail.

Everyone in the world had to suffer unpleasant experiences every now and then.

No one could lead a happy life all the time without going through any hardship. But Sophia had been lucky enough to have such a good ending, so Leo was pleased with that.

"Okay, Sophia, you might have had a hard time during the two weeks in jail. You should go back home to get some rest now. Don't do anything reckless from now on. You're a gifted superstar, so don't destroy your reputation and career anymore."

If Sophia was a wise person and behaved herself from now on, the Mu's Group would definitely give her another chance and help her rise to fame.

Sophia nodded thankfully. Not only had Linda helped Sophia be acquitted of all charges, but she had also kept her promise to not spread all those racy videos to the public.

Sophia was forever in Linda's debt.

Just then, Paul walked in with an iPad in his hand.

His eyebrows were furrowed tightly. It was obvious that something was wrong.

"What's happening?" Linda asked. She knew that Paul frowned only when something bad happened.

"My Lady, look." Without saying anything else, Paul handed the iPad to Linda.

Linda took it and saw the webpage of Microblog.

The top search was that Sophia had traded sexual favors with Langston.

Linda immediately clicked it and found that there was a news report along with a few video screenshots.

Although the pictures were blurred, it was easy to figure out that the woman in the video was Sophia. Since Sophia was very popular, every news about her attracted a lot of people's attention. So even though it had only been half an hour since this news had been released, there were already 10

ting his food without saying a word, so by the time Leo and Sophia left, he'd almost finished his meal.

"Honey, what do you think about this matter? How were the videos leaked?" Linda asked. She was still very confused.

Charles put down his bowl and his chopsticks with a slight smile. Then, he touched Linda's head and said, "The videos might not have leaked from your side. Maybe you only got the copy of the videos and someone else has the original footage."

Linda realized that he was right. She might have nothing to do with the leakage of the videos after all. Just a while ago, she had been sure that the videos had been leaked from her side.

She had also wondered if there was an entertainment reporter or a paparazzo who lurked inside the Mu Clan's villa to steal the videos, although she didn't know who would be so daring to break into the Mu Clan's villa and do such a reckless thing.

Anyway, the best way to deal with the matter now was to remove the news. Gossip was always annoying because the netizens liked spreading rumors without any consideration about whether they were true or not.

Now that the news had been deleted, it seemed that the topic of Sophia trading sexual favors with Langston wasn't being discussed online anymore. The news had been released at about seven o'clock and not so many people browsed Microblog at that time, so only a few of the netizens would have seen the news and the pictures and made comments about them.

At last, the entertainment company of the Mu's Group made an announcement to clarify the issue of Langston's death.

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