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   Chapter 656 Acquitted Of The Charge

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Linda thought that some time in prison should have helped Sophia become a better person. Sophia would have suffered in prison but she would have probably learned something from the experience.

If she hadn't lost her freedom for a while, how would she treasure it in the future?

"What's the verdict? Linda asked. Since Linda had done everything she could to help Sophia and Leo, she hadn't put much thought into the case since then, so she didn't know how the case had turned out yet. She had simply asked Paul to keep an eye on it.

"The judge gave the verdict this morning and the ruling is final. Sophia has been acquitted of the charge, but she has to pay a lot of compensation," said Paul, smiling at Linda.

Before Linda could say anything, Bun interrupted with a sneer, "Sophia is so lucky. It's hard to get released without a charge when you murder someone!"

Linda smiled and patted Bun on the bottom before saying, "Justifiable homicide is exempted from punishment. Sophia must have had great lawyers. If they'd successfully made her case on the grounds of self-defense, the chance of her being released could have been up to 50%. But yes, she did get lucky this time."

"Even though Sophia isn't convicted, she needs to pay Langston's wife a lot of money. Since Langston's wife doesn't have a job and has been depending on Langston to provide for her, the judge thought that she should be compensated with a lot of money. Sophia had to pay her 10 million!" Paul said.

Linda merely shrugged in response. For Sophia, 10 million wasn't that much. She was a popular star and would have definitely gotten paid that much money just for one project, such as a movie or a TV series.

After all, Sophia was an A-list star. She could easily make 2 or 3 million just from a brand endorsement.

If anything, Sophia should be glad that all she had to do was pay compensation, whether it was 10 million or 100 million.

"This is a great ending for both Leo and Sophia. I hope she won't stir up any trouble from now on," Bun said with a smile, peeling an orange for Linda.

"Oh, there's one more thing. Did Charles order you to freeze Sophia out of the entertainment industry? I'm in a good mood today, so I'm going to let the past be past. Give her another chance," said Linda casually.

Nodding, Paul replied, "Yes, My Lady. Young Master told me that it's all up to you."

After peeling the orange, Bun handed the slices to Linda piece by piece. Linda lay comfortable on the couch, enjoying the beautiful day.

It seemed that everything was finally settled. Since Sophia had successfully dodged serving jail time, Linda really hoped that Sophia had learned her lesson now. Sophia s


Leo and Sophia exchanged glances. Both of them felt embarrassed because the reason they were here tonight was truly to say thank you. They knew that Linda had helped them a lot.

Langston's death had been something unexpected. They had been so worried about others finding out about his death that they had forgotten how Langston had gotten himself killed in the first place. Sophia had killed him because he had been trying to rape her. She had been trying to stop him from hurting her. Both of them had forgotten this important point, which had finally turned the case around.

Linda was the first person to point it out for them.

"Thank you, My Lady, really. I know you might not want to see us, but we just really wanted to express our thanks. Sophia and I hope that we can return you the favor in the future," said Leo earnestly.

Nodding, Linda turned to Sophia and said, "I don't need you to return the favor, but, Sophia, stop standing in my way and stirring up trouble from now on. Oh, and don't appear in front of me anymore," said Linda.

Sophia looked at Linda with a mixture of gratitude, embarrassment, and displeasure. She was truly grateful to Linda for helping her out, but Linda's words made her feel a little angry.

Linda knew that what she had just said was a little rude, but she thought that Sophia deserved it. On the other hand, Sophia found it hard to accept someone talking to her like this, even though it was someone who had just helped her a lot. Hearing such words felt like a slap on her face.

Before Linda had spoken, Sophia had been planning to express her gratitude, but now she found it hard to say thank you to her.

"Linda Xia, can't you treat me nicer? I just want to say thank you. I'm not here to pick a quarrel with you," said Sophia.

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