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   Chapter 655 Little Potato Can Call Her Mommy

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However, even though she really wanted to go out to work again, she had to put it off and reconsider it later. Her kids were still too young for her to be away from them for a long time. She wanted to spend as much time as she could with them.

Once Little Potato and Little Tomato became one year old, she intended to go back to the school and teach. In Linda's eyes, having a job was the most efficient way for a person to keep in touch with society and other people. Despite the wealth that she had now, she still needed to keep pace with the development of the society and meet more people who were different from her.

It was much more interesting to work than staying in the villa and being a wealthy lady.

Linda wasn't good at business, so she wasn't able to help with Charles's work in the company. Since Paul was there to help Charles, she didn't want to bring them any trouble.

Regarding the Xia Clan's business, she didn't need to worry about it at the moment either.

Her foster mother, Donna Xie, was taking good care of her father, so her father was gradually regaining his health.

And as for the Nalan Clan's complicated affairs, it was not the right time to take any action since her grandfather hadn't woken up from his coma yet.

She wasn't in the mood to get back at Rosy Nalan and the other members of the Nalan Clan who had their eyes on the Nalan Clan's properties.

Sooner or later, Linda would definitely retrieve all the assets that belonged to her and her mother. But now, she wanted to wait until her grandfather regained his consciousness.

She had kept the faith that her grandfather would be able to wake up one day. When that day came, she would just listen to his every decision on how to deal with the Nalan Clan's affairs.

One morning, Linda woke up to find that it was already over ten o'clock. She habitually fumbled around beside her but the bed was empty. Charles wasn't there.

Lying idly on the bed, she couldn't help but draw a deep sigh.

She had been getting lazier and lazier lately.

She always woke up at around ten o'clock, while Charles left for work before eight o'clock. He was always very busy as the Mu's Group was large and he was in charge of many things.

Compared to Charles, Linda was really lazy now.

"My Lady, are you awake? Please come out and have your breakfast!" Bun said, sticking her head into the room through the gap between the door and the doorway.

otato and Little Tomato back into the baby cots, Linda noticed the upset look in Bun's eyes.

She immediately knew what Bun was thinking about, so she patted Bun on the shoulder and said in a comforting voice, "Bun, don't be anxious. A baby is a gift from God. Regardless of whether he comes to you sooner or later, you'll still be happy."

Linda couldn't find any new words to comfort Bun, but she believed that Bun would soon be able to get pregnant since Anna had regularly prescribed her the best medicine.

"Yes, I know, My Lady. But to be honest, I'm really anxious. I want to give birth to a cute and fat baby for Brian," Bun said and chuckled coyly, her face going red at the thought of giving birth to Brian's baby.

The truth was, she was scared every time she imagined the pain of giving birth, but at the same time, she was looking forward to it too. It was normal for a woman in a happy marriage to want a child with her husband. Linda felt the same. Even though she had gone through great pain in labor, she'd felt that the pain was worth it the moment she'd seen her newborn babies sleeping by her side.

When Linda and Bun had just walked out of the baby room, Paul arrived at the villa.

He reported, "My Lady, the court concluded Langston's case and declared the final verdict this morning."

Linda nodded. She had been watching the progress of this case for the past two weeks.

Sophia had already been held detention for two weeks.

Had Sophia finally learned her lesson and changed for the better? She would have felt miserable staying in jail without even a phone to entertain herself with.

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