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   Chapter 654 Itching To Go Out And Get A Job

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"I'm not silly. I just can't bear to see you suffer such torment in jail for something you didn't do. I'm going to take responsibility for my own crime now," Sophia said, burying her head in Leo's chest.

She took in his scent, wondering if she would ever get the chance to be this close to him again.

Like everyone who had no way out of a situation, Sophia lost all hope and was pessimistic about her future. She was prepared to spend her whole life in jail.

"Why are you doing this? I was willing to do it. There was no need for you to come here." Sophia and Leo spoke vaguely, not daring to say anything clearly with so many policemen around them. Even if everyone present knew about the matter, it was still not safe for them to talk about it in detail.

Sophia looked up at Leo and said, "I couldn't let you pay for the wrong that I've done. That's why I'm here."

Leo closed his eyes and tears began streaming down his cheeks, making the policemen around him feel a bit embarrassed.

None of them would have ever thought that Sophia, the famous singer, would have such a close relationship with her manager.

It was a pity that she'd killed someone, and there was nothing she could do to change the past or escape from her punishment.

But the policemen did wonder how Sophia had unintentionally killed Langston, the celebrated music producer. There seemed to be a lot more to Langston's case than met the eye.

Leo and Sophia had been hugging for five minutes and didn't seem to have any intention to let go of each other, so one of the policemen cleared his throat and said, "Miss Liu, I have to take you to complete the rest of the formalities now."

But Leo was still unwilling to let go of Sophia.

Once Sophia was convicted of Langston's murder in court, he would only be able to see her through a glass in prison. He would never have the chance to embrace her like this again.

Why did life have to be so cruel to him?

He had no idea how he could suffer so much misfortune just because of his love.

Back when he was a university student, he'd studied hard with the goal to become an excellent movie director in the future so that he could give Sophia a happy life.

He believed that after he became a director, he would be very powerful and would be able to let Sophia play a role in any movie or TV series that she liked. He also believed that he would be wealthy enough to give her anything that she wanted.

Even back then, Sophia liked singing the most and wanted to become a famous singer.

So, Leo had studied hard and tried to learn as much as he could in the hopes that he could help Sophia make her dream come true.

But the one thing he hadn't expected was that Sophia w

hia out of jail, but you'll have to do it on your own. I will not help you anymore. I just wanted to tell you that Sophia might be found guilty of intentional homicide, but there's also a chance of her being acquitted because there's such a thing as justifiable homicide done in self-defense."

Leo was a smart man, so he quickly got Linda's point when he heard her words. Then, he knelt down on the floor to show his gratitude toward Linda.

Linda was taken aback when she saw him kneel in front of her.

But she could understand that Leo loved Sophia so much that he wasn't willing to lose her, no matter what.

After all, Linda loved Charles very much too. If Charles was in danger one day and the only way to rescue him was to kneel down to someone, she would do it readily. In fact, she would even kowtow to them if she could help Charles that way.

After Leo thanked Linda, he turned around and left.

Two weeks passed in the blink of an eye.

During these two weeks, Linda felt very relaxed, but she was also getting bored.

Her two babies were growing bigger and taller as time went by and she didn't have to nurse them so often, but she still spent a lot of time keeping them company.

However, Charles was busy dealing with his company's affairs every day, which made Linda feel guilty and think that she wasn't helping him enough with work.

Of course, as the Lady of the Mu Clan, she could just stay at home and enjoy her comfortable life without doing or worrying about anything. After all, the Mu Clan and the Xia Clan were both rich, so she had more than enough money to spend. Besides, unlike the other wives of wealthy CEOs, Linda didn't spend a lot of money on food or clothes, so she never had to worry about being short of money. Even so, she was itching to go out and get a job.

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