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   Chapter 653 Why Are You So Silly

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There was a good chance that Sophia would be found innocent and that the case would result in an acquittal after court. But before the court declared whether Sophia was guilty or not, she would still have to be held in detention at the police station for a period of time.

Linda predicted that Leo would be very distressed when he found out that Sophia would be held in detention in exchange for his freedom.

But this might be the best way to solve this case and it might have the best results for both Leo and Sophia. Besides, it was time for Sophia to bear the responsibility for her reckless behavior. She might finally be able to learn a lesson and change her personality after a few days of staying in the detention house. Linda thought that Leo would be able to understand it after his initial distress.

Asking the police to release Leo and arrest Sophia instead made Linda feel quite sorry for them. She felt that she had brought them too much trouble.

Luckily, the Mu Clan had a strong relationship with the police.

Of course, they were not authorized to do anything lawless, but it was within their power to make such a request to the police.

Since it was Langston who had tried to rape Sophia in the first place and Sophia had just acted in self-defense, Linda decided to offer her a little help. She hoped that Sophia would really be able to learn a lesson and behave well from now on.

But if she stirred up any trouble or irritated Linda again in the future, Linda would surely make her pay for her actions. Sophia wasn't going to get any more chances.

It had been a while since Linda had asked Paul to tell the police about Sophia's confession, so the police were probably on their way to arrest Sophia now.

As soon as Sophia was taken to the police station, Leo would be released from jail.

But as Linda thought about the possibility of Leo watching Sophia get arrested, she was suddenly worried that Leo would go crazy and behave irrationally, so she turned to Bun and said, "Bun, please go to the police station too. When the police release Leo, bring him to me at once. I need to talk to him."

If Leo saw Sophia get arrested now, he wouldn't know that there was still a way to help her be acquitted of her crime. Since Linda had decided to offer them a little help, she thought that she should do it right and explain everything clearly to Leo.

"Yes, My Lady," Bun said with a nod.

After Bun left, Linda looked out of the window and stared at the sky, watching

ext to her and writing a report.

Leo was shocked. Widening his eyes, he asked, "Sophia, why are you here?"

Sophia raised her head abruptly when she heard Leo's voice all of a sudden. At the sight of Leo's familiar face, she immediately broke into tears.

"Leo..." she called in a trembling voice.

Leo hastily went over to Sophia at the same time that Sophia leaped up from her chair and ran toward him.

When Leo had decided to bear all the responsibilities for Langston's death, he had thought that he would be sentenced to death or life imprisonment, or at least dozens of years of imprisonment, and he had been prepared for it.

Sophia had also tried to be prepared for it and accept Leo's sacrifice for her, but after pondering over it for the past few days, she found that she just couldn't stand aside and accept it. She couldn't bear the thought of Leo spending his life in jail while she was walking freely outside.

Ever since Leo had gotten arrested, she couldn't sleep at all. Her guilt for letting Leo take the fall for her haunted her every minute. On top of that, she wasn't able to shake off the guilt of killing Langston, either. Every time she closed her eyes, she saw Langston's face in front of her.

So, she finally mustered up all her courage to confess to her crime. She was prepared to spend dozens of years in jail.

Now, when Sophia ran up to Leo to hug him, she found that she wasn't able to do it because of the handcuffs around her wrists.

Seeing the handcuffs, Leo instantly understood the situation.

His face contorted in agony as he stared into her eyes and embraced her tightly.

"Why are you so silly?" he asked.

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