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   Chapter 652 Hiring a good Lawyer

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After hearing Charles say that they should reveal the fact that Langston had killed two trainees even if it would have a negative effect on the company's reputation, Linda could finally set her mind at ease. Charles was right. Life was more precious than anything else.

Since the two girls had been killed when they'd been trainees in the entertainment company that was a subsidiary corporation of the Mu's Group, Linda thought that the Mu's Group should take some responsibility for their deaths.

Both Linda and Charles knew that they must reveal the truth to the public, even if it meant harming the reputation of the Mu's Group.

The families of these two women had lost someone they loved. Linda thought that their families deserved to know what had happened to their loved ones.

"My Lady, Young Master, I've talked to the dean about the three women who were supposed to study there. The dean said that although he had been informed that three women from the our company had applied to study there, only one of them enrolled on time. He wanted to check the situation with the company but he didn't because someone told him that there was no need," reported Paul.

"What?" asked Linda.

"He said that someone from the entertainment company called him and told him specifically that these two trainees wouldn't come. The dean wasn't suspicious of anything, so he didn't report it to the Mu's Group," continued Paul, summarizing the report that he'd gotten from the investigation.

"It seems that if Langston was still alive, we wouldn't have found out what had happened to these trainees. It might have taken years for us to notice their disappearance, if ever," said Linda, sighing. She felt very bad for these two beautiful women who had died at such a young age. They wouldn't be dead now if it weren't for Langston.

According to the DNA report, Winnie and Sharon's DNA were present on the things they found in Lanston's villa, which proved that they had slept with Langston before they died. Linda thought of the video files they'd found in Langston's computer. She vaguely remembered seeing folders with their names, so she turned on the laptop that Lily had left behind at the villa.

If Linda found folders with their names in the hard disk, it could prove that Langston had had inappropriate relationships with them.

Looking through the folders, Linda found their names as expected.

Since Langston was a senior to many artists and most musicians thought of him as a great teacher, everyone in the entertainment world had been shocked to hear the news of his death.

He had cultivated many popular stars including Sophia. Now that he was gone, many artists and musicians who di

had done wasn't such a big deal.

"Paul, can you answer Linda's question?" asked Charles, turning to Paul.

"My Lady, if you really want to help Sophia and Leo, there is a way. There is a thing called justifiable homicide, where homicide is committed in self-defense. The punishment for this will be much more lenient than for homicide," explained Paul, smiling at Linda gently.

Paul felt really sorry for Leo too. Leo reminded Paul of Cindy, a girl who had loved him so much that she had been willing to do anything for him. She'd even risked her life to save his. However, Paul had hurt her so badly that she'd finally decided to leave him and move on. Even now, Paul regretted not being able to win her heart back.

"What do you mean?" asked Linda in confusion.

Linda didn't quite understand what Paul was suggesting.

"Sophia could be convicted of justifiable homicide. Her lawyer could argue that she was defending herself against Langston when he tried to rape her. Then, it would depend on how the judge sees it," replied Paul.

Linda thought about it for a while and realized that Paul was right.

So, hiring a good lawyer for Sophia would be the best way to help her.

But Linda thought that this was something that should be done by Leo.

"Okay, Paul, find a way to leak a message to the police that Sophia is planning to turn herself in because she is the real killer, not Leo. Then, have Leo released and tell him that he should get a good lawyer for Sophia. You might need to also tip Sophia off about this justifiable defense thing. She's so stupid that she might blow it if she just goes to the police and tells them she killed someone," ordered Linda.

"Sophia is not just stupid. She always acts like a fool," said Bun. She couldn't help but smile while speaking.

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