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   Chapter 651 Wait To Have Meal With You

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Everyone was startled to hear what Langston had done, except Anna, who was a doctor and wasn't afraid of such scenes.

Linda and Bun felt shocked and almost sick just imagining the scene even though they'd never actually seen someone dismember a dead body before.

What Langston had done was disgusting and inhumane.

They all wondered why Langston would do something so reckless.

Linda had heard all about the casting couch, so she hadn't been that surprised to find out about Langston's perverted nature. But she had never expected him to be this vicious. Fortunately, she wasn't acquainted with him and had never crossed paths with him when he was alive.

Otherwise, she definitely would have been shocked that someone she'd known had been capable of doing such a terrible thing.

"I see. I will ask people to look into this matter," Linda said. She waved at Sophia, gesturing for her to leave.

Sophia stared at Linda hesitantly.

"Leo confessed and went to prison so that I wouldn't be in trouble. I feel very guilty about it. If it's possible, I'm willing to replace him and be sent to jail instead,"

Sophia said to Linda, plucking up the courage.

"Have you thought about it thoroughly and made up your mind?" Linda asked, a bit confused. Before, Sophia had been very afraid of getting into trouble and being sent to prison, but now she was suddenly acting brave and was even willing to face the punishment instead of Leo. It seemed that she had thought about this matter in a sensible way and realized her mistakes.

"I think that I shouldn't be so selfish to let Leo take the blame for me. But I hope that you can do me a favor."


"Would you please help me hide this matter from the media?" Sophia asked, looking at Linda hesitantly.

She wasn't sure whether Linda would agree to her request.

After all, she had done many things to offend Linda before and they had a grudge against each other, so Linda might not be willing to help her this time.

"Why do you think I will agree to your request?" Linda stared at Sophia for a little while and then laughed.

"You!" Sophia was annoyed by Linda's words. She had tried to beg Linda in a sincere and polite way, but Linda was still unwilling to help her.

"Bun, see Sophia out."

After she waved her hand, Linda went to her room.

She'd thought that this matter was over, but it seemed to be just the beginning.

Right now, Linda wasn't in the mood to m

dn't woken up until eight o'clock at night.

When Bun saw Linda walk out of the bedroom, she immediately asked the servant to bring the heated food to the table.

Linda was a bit confused when she saw the servant bring two bowls and two pair of chopsticks to the table. She turned to Charles and asked, "Honey, haven't you had dinner yet?"

"No, I haven't. I was in the bedroom reading some documents just now. I wanted to wait and have dinner together with you."

Linda was moved by his words. Charles cared about her so much.

When she was about to reply, she saw Paul walk into the villa in a hurry. After Paul greeted Charles, he turned to Linda.

"My Lady, I have received the report of the matter you asked me to investigate. Something doesn't add up. Three of the trainees are supposed to be studying in America right now. They'd all applied to the same university, but we learned from the dean of that university that Sharon and Winnie had never turned up to register."

Linda furrowed her eyebrows. She believed that most of what Sophia had said was the truth after all. Sophia wasn't just trying to frame Langston for murder before being punished for killing him unintentionally.

"Honey, do you think there will be a negative impact on the company's reputation if this matter is revealed to the public?" Linda asked, turning to look at Charles.

"It is a shocking matter. But regardless of whether it will affect our company, we should hold a press conference to clarify it and make an apology if such a thing had indeed happened. Anyway, it is not appropriate to hide it from the public. Don't you think so?"

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