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   Chapter 650 Did You See It With Your Own Eyes

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Linda decided to carry on the investigation first and discuss it with Charles later, after he came back home.

The case was becoming more complicated and it would have a bad impact on the reputation of the Mu's Group.

If it was true that two trainees had been killed by the music director of the entertainment company under the Mu's Group, no one would want to be a trainee or an artist in their company anymore.

People would think that it was dangerous to work in their company. The public support for their company would also decline.

Half an hour later, Bun brought Sophia to the villa. Much to Linda's surprise, Sophia looked very awkward at the moment. Her clothes were disheveled and she was bruised in a few places. There were bloodstains on her legs.

Linda wondered what had happened to her. Had she fallen into a garbage can? Or had she been punched by someone?

Sophia's outward appearance, coupled with the depressed and frustrated look on her face, easily aroused Linda's compassion for her. But Linda wouldn't help her out of compassion this time.

Sophia's eyes filled with hatred and resentment at the sight of Linda.

Her beautiful face instantly twisted in anger. She gritted her teeth tightly and cast a vicious glance at Linda as if she was going to eat Linda up.

Linda was very familiar with seeing such an expression aimed at her, so she wasn't scared of it.

Amy Qi, Sarah Shen, and even Rosy Nalan, everyone who hated Linda glared at her this way.

If looks could kill, Linda would have already been killed by many people. She was lucky that supernatural powers like that didn't exist in this world.

"Sophia, why are you staring at me like that?" Linda asked, staring back at Sophia coldly.

"Linda Xia, do you know how much I hate you?"

"For what?"

"How can you live a better life than I do?!" Sophia exclaimed, tears instantly streaming down her face. The past few days had been the most difficult and darkest time in her life. She had gone through great torment.

Seeing Sophia's pathetic expression, Linda sighed.

Sophia always used to look vigorous and energetic even though she was arrogant and wayward.

But now, she looked miserable and in low spirits.

It was probably the shock of being separated from Leo while he was in prison. She might also be still haunted by Langston's death.

It wasn't easy for a common person to shake off the terrible memory of killing another human being. Sophia must have been living in great fear after killing Langston.

Linda supposed that Sophia had had nightmares every night since then, which had worsened her spirits.

It was human nature to feel guilty after c

ion, but she nodded and said, "Those two girls had joined the entertainment company as trainees at the same time as I did. One of them is Winnie Su, and the other one is Sharon Ho. I've kept this a secret in my heart for a long time," Sophia said, supporting her arms against the chair as her legs were trembling.

"How did they die?"

"Langston Fu was a weird, insane man! Especially when it came to sex. He's a big pervert. Those two girls were probably tortured to death on his bed."

Sophia got goosebumps all over her body when she recalled those memories. She couldn't help trembling thinking about everything that Langston had done. She had deliberately locked up those memories deep in her mind because of how horrible they were. She had been lucky enough to escape from Langston's control, but she hadn't expected that he would want her again. That was why she'd been so scared that she had ended up killing him by accident.

"Did you see him kill those girls with your own eyes?" asked Linda.

Shaking her head, Sophia said, "No, I didn't see how Langston killed them, but I saw him handling their corpses one day when I went to his house."

"How did he handle the corpses? Where are the bodies of those girls now?"

"I peeked through the gap of the door and saw Langston dismembering their bodies and chopping them into pieces. I was very lucky that he didn't notice me, otherwise, he would have killed me too."

Linda felt like vomiting when she heard Sophia's words.

Sophia began retching as she narrated the whole story too.

"There was blood all over his face and his clothes. The stink of the bodies was so strong that I wasn't able to eat anything for the next few days. I just felt like vomiting all the time," Sophia said in a trembling voice.

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