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   Chapter 649 There Were Doubts

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"What do you mean? Did Langston really murder someone?" asked Linda coldly.

She had never thought that Langston would do something that horrible. She had realized that Langston was an evil person when she had seen the videos, but she'd never thought that he would have killed someone.

"Let me be frank. Langston killed two trainees accidentally while having sex with them," said Leo slowly.

It seemed that Langston had had a lot more to hide than just the shady deals between him and the trainees. Linda had thought that Langston's case was over, but it just became more and more complex.

"Do you have any evidence?" asked Linda, looking straight into Leo's eyes. She wasn't sure whether Leo was telling the truth or not. She didn't want to undertake another investigation unless he had any hard evidence. Murder was a serious charge.

If Langston had indeed killed someone that he had forced to have sex with him, his name would live in infamy. Anyone who heard about it would think that Langston was an evil man.

"I don't have any evidence right now. I'm behind the bars. How can I find the evidence?" said Leo honestly.

"If you don't have any evidence, it's hard for me to believe you. You can't expect me to open an investigation based on just a few words from you," said Linda unhappily.

"I don't have any evidence but I'm sure that you can definitely find them. Since you were able to get videos of Sophia, you can get the videos of the other women too. Just ask someone to do the research, it won't be hard to find out whether they are alive or not, and whether some of them have been missing for a long time," said Leo earnestly. He knew that he couldn't mess up this time, and he wanted her to believe that he wasn't lying.

"Tell me more," said Linda, frowning. She continued looking straight into Leo's eyes and realized that he might be telling the truth.

Leo sighed. Looking down at the floor, he replied, "Sophia came to visit me this morning."


"She said that she was very upset and that she missed me very much. And..."

Before Leo could finish speaking, Linda interrupted him. "Keep it to the point," she said coolly.

She wasn't interested in listening to irrelevant things.

Leo smiled bitterly. As he had mentioned Sophia, he couldn't help talking about her. He missed her very much too.

It wasn't easy for Sophia to come and visit him at the bureau since she was a popular celebrity. Leo felt really upset that he couldn't see her often.

"Yes, My Lady. I'm willing to take the fall for Sophia, but I want you to know that Langston isn't an innocent person either. In fact, before Sophia bec

gone abroad, very few people would follow the news about them. What if they hadn't really gone abroad?

"Bun, do some research on these three women at once. I want to know exactly who they are and what they're doing in America," ordered Linda.

"Yes, My Lady," said Bun. Then, she told the members of the WSS to gather the information at once.

After Bun got off the phone, Linda added, "Ask Sophia to come and meet me."

Since Leo had mentioned that Sophia had visited him earlier, Linda guessed that it was Sophia who had told Leo about these murders. If it was Sophia, then she might know who the dead women were. Even if she didn't, any other details she knew would help too. They could work with the American police and find out about what had happened to these three women. Linda began to feel that this case was taking up too much time and effort. She hadn't spent enough time with the twins lately, so she wanted it to end soon. Talking to Sophia would be a faster way to find out the truth.

"Yes, My Lady," said Bun, and then she walked out of the room.

Linda came to realize that Leo had been telling the truth. Langston had killed these women and committed horrible crimes. The truth about him had to be revealed and the death of those women had to be avenged.

Since Langston was a celebrity with many fans, Linda felt obligated to reveal the crimes that he had committed. She didn't want anyone to idolize or mourn over a criminal.

But at the same time, Linda was a little worried about the reputation of the Mu's Group. All the women Langston had sex with had been trainees in the entertainment company that belonged to the Mu's Group. If two of them had actually been killed by Langston, the news would bring a bad name to the Mu's Group.

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