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   Chapter 648 Langston Was A Murderer

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Linda was curious about why Leo wanted to see her now.

Leo was a clever man and he should have understood Linda's words to him during their last conservation. Did he want to ask her to help Sophia again? Linda had already been benevolent enough to let Sophia off in Langston's case, so it was impossible for her to help or take care of Sophia now.

Or was Leo regretting being the scapegoat for Sophia's crime? Had he changed his mind?

Either way, Linda was curious, especially about how Leo, a criminal in jail, had been able to ask the police to pass on his words, demanding to meet Linda herself. Normally, such a demand would not have been accepted.

Leo seemed to be a very capable man indeed.

"Fine. I'll go to the police station in the afternoon," Linda said to Paul on the phone. Anyway, she had nothing else to do in the afternoon, and since she had so many questions in her mind, she decided to go and see Leo.

Thinking about meeting Leo in the police station made her feel sympathy for him again.

Such a clever man had ended up in jail as the scapegoat for the woman he loved. The crime he had been sent to jail for would loom over him for the rest of his life. What a pity!

"Okay, My Lady!" Paul responded. After the phone call ended, Paul went to the company to work while Linda got ready to go to the police station with Bun.

In the afternoon, Linda and Bun arrived at the headquarters of the Public Security Bureau in SH City. Linda was very familiar with this building and entered it easily. She suddenly remembered that Sarah Shen had worked at this headquarters in the past.

"Bun, do you remember that Sarah used to be the deputy general here?" asked Linda.

With a smile, Bun said, "Of course I remember. But, My Lady, please don't wrongly assume that she was great and capable enough to be a deputy general on her own. She was appointed to this position merely because of her influential family. Her family arranged it for her."

"I never once thought that she was a great or capable woman. She made stupid decisions and screwed things up all the time," Linda said with contempt.

Normally, Linda wouldn't feel comfortable speaking ill of a dead person.

But every time she thought about Sarah, she still felt furious.

After all, Sarah had almost killed Cindy, who was completely innocent and had absolutely nothing to do with her.

Sarah had initially wanted to kill Bun, but when she'd failed to do that, she'd targeted Cindy instead. She had merely wanted to release all her anger on someone regardless of whether they had done anyth

as Leo sat down, Linda said, "Leo, if you're demanding to see me all because of Sophia, then I'll leave right now. I won't listen to a single word from you and I won't help Sophia anymore!"

She wanted to make her stance clear to him before he could even open his mouth to say something.

If Leo had indeed called her here to beg her for Sophia's sake again, Linda was going to just turn away and leave at once.

Leo's eyes glimmered in surprise when he heard Linda's words upon his arrival. He looked at her blankly for a moment.

Linda silently stared back at him without any emotion on her face.

Finally, Leo broke the silence and said slowly, "My Lady, I didn't ask you to meet me for Sophia's sake, but for the sake of some innocent people who are dead now."

"What do you mean?" Linda asked, frowning.

"The public was shocked by the news of Langston's death because he had such a high status in the entertainment industry. But when I watched the news yesterday, I saw many people mourning him. A lot of netizens blamed and attacked me. The public has no idea about what kind of man Langston Fu was, but My Lady, I think you already know his true face," said Leo.

Linda nodded and said, "Yes, I know Langston wasn't a good guy. But I think the netizens like Langston so much merely because of his music. They don't care about his private life or his personality."

"Yes, maybe the netizens have no interest in his private life, but what if he was a murderer? What if Langston had committed crimes too? Will they still like him if they found out everything that Langston had done? Will they ever listen to the songs that he composed again?" Leo asked in a serious voice as he stared into Linda's eyes.

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