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   Chapter 647 Are You Satisfied With It

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It was Paul who had knocked on the door.

"Young Master, My Lady, the movie director just told me that Sophia hasn't shown up on the set for two days."

"She hasn't shown up for two days?" Charles had been very busy the past few days, so he didn't know what was going on. Seeing his confusion, Linda filled him in immediately.

After listening to the whole story, Charles furrowed his eyebrows.

"I see. She's just becoming more and more unreasonable. I think she doesn't even have the basic professional ethics of being an actress. If she doesn't want to act in this movie, I won't give her a chance to act in anything else. After all, there are many actresses in our company who are just waiting for an opportunity. It won't make a big impact on our company if Sophia doesn't act anymore," he said.

Then, he ordered Paul to put a stop to Sophia's acting career, which Linda agreed wholeheartedly with. She pitied Sophia a little, but she wasn't going to help her this time. Sophia had done a lot of things to offend and disgust Linda but Linda had given her one last chance. If she was going to throw away that chance like this, then she deserved to face the consequences of her actions.

Linda felt sorry for Leo too. He loved Sophia so much that he'd decided to sacrifice his life for her. He had even knelt down in front of Linda and begged her to let Sophia off. However, Sophia was still being so foolish and unreasonable now, showing her anger at Linda by not turning up to the set.

Anyway, this would be the end of Sophia's career. Since Charles himself had given the order to put a stop to Sophia's activities, she would never get a chance to act in anything again.

"Okay, Young Master," Paul said.

"Well, it doesn't matter if she's not willing to act in the movie anymore. I can help tweak the script!" Linda said excitedly.

She had always liked writing. Back when she was a student in high school, she'd written a lot of articles, some of which had gotten published in notable magazines.

However, when she went to university, she'd stopped writing to focus on chemistry and psychology instead. Now that she was free most of the time, she wanted to try writing again.

"Okay, you can do that. You can do anything that makes you happy," Charles said, pulling Linda into his arms and looking at her with affection.

"Young Master, My Lady, I'll leave now," Paul said, bowing to them with great respect. Then, he closed the bedroom door and left.

Linda pushed the quilt aside to get up. She was planning to go to the set later and discuss the matter of revising the script with the director and

r idea to Gavin Zhang, also trying to take his ideas into consideration.

"My Lady, have you come up with any good reason for the supporting role's death? I think we can't just mention that she's dead all of a sudden without any reason!"

"Yes, for that, we can create a villain who kills the female supporting role and tries to frame the heroine for murder. This will be a new subplot, so more details will have to be added, and a few scenes which have already been shot might need to be shot again or deleted."

Gavin's eyes lit up when he heard Linda's idea. He nodded and said, "Okay. My Lady, I will edit the script based on your suggestion."

Linda once again took a look at the script and appreciated the great plot. However, it was a pity that Sophia had disappeared for two days. And now that Charles had ordered to put a stop to her acting career, the script had to be changed.

Even after the changes in the script, the movie shoot could be completed in just one more week. The film crew members were exhausted as they had been working hard for the past month and a half. They had already been working for a longer time than they were supposed to because of the change of actresses for the female lead role.

Luckily, everyone on the set was dedicated and was willing to work hard until the shoot was completed.

Before Linda left, she had a quick lunch with Alina and Adrian. There were only a few more days left before the shoot had to be wrapped up, so Linda didn't want to disturb or delay them. She intended to invite them for a big meal after the shoot was completed.

In the afternoon, on her way home, Linda received a call from Paul.

"My Lady, the staff from the police station just told me that Leo wants to see you."

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