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   Chapter 646 What's Selfishness

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Linda rolled her eyes and couldn't help laughing at Sophia's words.

Sophia was speaking in such a righteous manner even though she was the one who had murdered someone and dragged Leo into it too.

Yes, Leo's life was not important to Linda. Whether he would be sentenced to death or not had nothing to do with her.

Leo might have become the most important person to Sophia now, but to Linda, he was not important at all. Besides, he was taking the fall for Sophia willingly. Linda was under no obligation to help him.

But seeing Linda respond with laughter made Sophia furious.

Sophia felt her blood boiling in anger, but she knew that she had to restrain herself at this moment. She couldn't afford to offend Linda in any way because Linda was her only hope to save Leo.

"Linda, I don't understand why you're laughing. What's so funny about this?" Sophia asked, controlling her anger.

"What? I don't even have the right to laugh? Sophia, I don't think you have any right to question me or my actions! In my own house!" Linda scolded her. But looking at Sophia's awkward expression, Linda actually pitied her. Leo was Sophia's last hope, the only person who actually cared about her, but now Leo wouldn't be by her side anymore because he had become the scapegoat for her crime.

Still, even though Linda pitied Sophia, she wasn't going to help her. There were so many poor and unfortunate people in this world but Linda couldn't help every one of them. Besides, it would be difficult for her to help Leo since he had already confessed to the crime.

As Linda stared at Sophia, she suddenly thought of Sarah Shen, the woman who had died because of her own stupid actions.

Sarah had been born into a rich and strong family. Most of her family members were police officers. She had been so proud of them, and she had taken the position of deputy-director of the Public Security Bureau as well. Sarah should have had a bright future but she had ruined her life with her own hands and died miserably in the end.

"Linda, I beg you. Please! I'm sorry for everything I did to you. It's all my fault. Leo had nothing to do with it. Please just save him," Sophia pleaded desperately.

Used to only seeing Sophia look haughty and arrogant, Linda was speechless after seeing such a pitiful expression on Sophia's face.

But Linda had already done Sophia a huge favor by letting Leo take the fall for her. Now, it was impossible for Linda to help get Leo out of prison. As per the modern legal system, someone had to take responsibility for Langston's death. If it wasn't Sophia, it had to be Leo. Whether he was guilty of murder or not, it was for the court to judge, and for the moment, there was nothing Linda could do to help.

Linda c

d all the blame on himself without dragging Sophia into it. As far as the police were concerned, this case had nothing to do with Sophia.

In Linda's eyes, Sophia wasn't worthy of what Leo had done for her. Everything that Sophia was going through now was a direct consequence of her stupid behavior.

She had stirred up trouble here and there for a long while and finally ruined Leo's life. Linda pitied Leo for having fallen in love with a woman like Sophia.

But in the softest corner of Linda's heart, she knew that Sophia was regretful and having a difficult time now. It was obvious from Sophia's behavior that day that she had fallen deeply in love with Leo too. Linda guessed that Sophia had actually loved Leo even before this case, but she hadn't realized it because her true feelings were locked away by her desire for fame and wealth. It was only after this incident that Sophia had finally realized her love for Leo, but it was too late.

One morning, Linda was surprised to see Charles still lying by her side when she opened her eyes. Charles had already returned to his normal busy schedule these past few days, so he should have gone to the company early in the morning.

She didn't expect to see him still at home this morning, especially when it was already past ten o'clock.

Just then, Charles also opened his eyes, sensing Linda's movements and her gaze.

When their eyes met, Charles smiled at her tenderly, making Linda's face flush red.

Linda found herself drowning in Charles's eyes.

His very presence was like a drug that she was addicted to.

As she was admiring the man next to her, she suddenly heard a knock at the door. It was probably Bun or Paul because they were the ones who usually knocked at their door in the morning, so Charles turned his head around and said, "Please come in!"

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