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   Chapter 645 Not As Important As Mahjong

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"Just go and ask Linda to come out to see me. Go now, quickly," Sophia said, anxiously grabbing the security guard's hand and shaking it as she spoke.

The security guard was confused, wondering why such a famous star was acting like an insane person.

He shook his head in disappointment and pushed Sophia's hand away.

"Miss Liu, I'm sorry. If you keep behaving so unreasonably without any respect for Lady Linda, I will not help you inform her of your presence. So, please speak to me in a polite way."

Sophia was both surprised and annoyed at the security guard's words. How could a mere security guard speak to her without respect, and even bullied her like this?

But before she lost her temper, she remembered the fact that Leo had just been arrested. Linda was the only person who could help Leo, so Sophia tried to hold back her anger and said politely, "I'm very sorry. There's something really urgent that I need to see Lady Linda about, so could you please help me tell her that I want to see her?"

"Okay. Since you're asking so nicely, I will help you this time," the security guard said, glancing at her.

Linda treated all her servants well, but she gave special attention to the security guards, who had to be on duty at the gate every day. She would talk to them politely and give them some food when she saw them on duty on weekends or during festivals.

Because of that, all the security guards in the Mu Clan's villa had a good impression of Linda.

They found that Linda didn't have an arrogant and willful side even if she was the Lady of the Mu Clan. In their eyes, Linda was an easy-going, reasonable, and nice person.

They were glad that Charles had found such a good wife and believed that he had a good eye for women.

And since Linda treated them so kindly, they were loyal to her and wouldn't let anyone talk about her without respect. The only reason the security guard decided to help Sophia was because she'd finally talked to him politely. Linda had just finished her dinner when he entered the villa. She was about to play Mahjong with Bun, Anna and Brian.

Brian boasted all the time about how good he was at playing Mahjong but Linda had never seen him play it. Now, she would finally get the chance to see whether Brian was exaggerating or not.

She didn't expect the security guard to walk in at this moment, but she guessed his purpose as soon as she saw him.

After all, the police had informed her earlier today that t

urity guard and said, "Okay. Let her come in. I'd like to know what she's going to say."

The security guard left feeling relieved.

He went back to the gate and said, "Miss Liu, Lady Linda invites you to come in. This way, please."

Sophia put the knife away and followed the security guard into the house.

Even before Sophia entered the room, Linda heard her voice.

"Linda, what did you do to Leo? Why was he arrested by the police?"

At this moment, Linda was sitting on the sofa and casually reading a comic book. It was a humorous book that amused Linda, so she was smiling as she looked up at Sophia.

"I didn't do anything to him," Linda replied.

"Linda, I'm sorry for all the reckless and offensive things that I did to you in the past. Please help me this time. Please let Leo off. I can't lose him."

Linda laughed after hearing Sophia's words, wondering why Sophia was begging her like this.

However, Linda didn't intend to do Sophia any favors. There was a limit to her kindness.

If Linda was in a good mood and a good person asked her for help, she would be willing to help them. But when it came to someone like Sophia, Linda didn't even want to look at her, let alone help her.

"Sorry. I have a lot of things on my plate right now and I don't have the time to do you a favor. If there is nothing else, please leave. We are about to play Mahjong," Linda said, pointing at the Mahjong table nearby where the Mahjong pieces were laid out ready for the game.

Bun, Anna, and Brian were sitting at the Mahjong table and waiting for her. "You!" Sophia yelled furiously. "Is Leo's life not as important as Mahjong?"

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