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   Chapter 644 One Wrong Step Could Bring Everlasting Grief

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Sophia instinctively shifted her gaze to Leo for help. She intended to run and hide behind Leo, but then she saw Leo suddenly stand up from his seat.

"Sir, I'm sorry to waste your time, but please allow me to finish this meal before I come with you. Please?" said Leo.

Sophia was shocked. She stood still in a daze, not able to understand what was happening.

"Leo..." she called out, her voice breaking.

"Okay, no problem. We'll give you half an hour and we'll wait for you outside," one of the policemen said.

Since Leo had voluntarily confessed his crime, the policemen weren't worried that he would try to escape. They would give him just a little more time before arresting him.

The policemen turned around and closed the door, leaving Sophia and Leo alone in the room again.

There was a moment of silence between Sophia and Leo, making the atmosphere in the room odd and tense.

Staring at Leo in shock, Sophia finally found her voice and asked, "What does this mean?"

"Leave it. Now, come back to your seat and let's finish our meal, otherwise, the food will turn cold. The weather is so cold today. Come on, my Little Fairy!" Leo said, putting on a bright smile on his face.

Sophia was fascinated by Leo's smile all of a sudden. She'd completely fallen for him.

Then, she slowly walked back to the table and looked at the dishes on it.

"Come on. Sit down and eat. I made them specially for you," Leo urged as he put some food in Sophia's bowl. Sophia sat down, lifted her bowl, and began to eat the food that Leo had served her.

"Please tell me now. What's happening? Are the police here to arrest you?"

Sophia asked as she gloomily chewed the food in her mouth. Seeing the calm expression on Leo's face made her anxious.

A part of her knew what was happening but she couldn't bring herself to admit it. She couldn't hold back her tears anymore and they began to run down her cheeks and drop into her bowl. Leo frowned when he saw her tears.

With his head lowered, Leo quietly replied, "Yes."

That one word was enough to push Sophia into despair. Her hands began trembling so much that she dropped the bowl onto the floor, breaking it into pieces.

"Didn't you say that you had already solved the problem? Didn't you say that Linda wouldn't probe into the case anymore?" Sophia exclaimed, sobbing. She gazed at Leo with panic in her eyes. She didn't know what to do now.

Looking at the broken shards on the floor, Leo sighed.

He bent down and carefully picked up the shards.

As he picked them up, he became worried at the thought that Sophia would have to rely on herself from now on. She was always so careless about things. Who would pick up the broken pieces for her next time?

If she broke something again and had to pick up the piec

she was determined to give up her own pride and beg for Linda's mercy for Leo's sake.

She would apologize to Linda for all the things she had done to her.

As long as she could save Leo, Sophia was ready to do anything. Her pride was nothing compared to Leo.

After Leo got into the police car, he looked out of the window to take one last look at the outside world, but was instead surprised to see Sophia coming out of the hotel.

He became worried and anxious. 'Where's Sophia going now? Is she going to see Linda?' he guessed.

But no matter what the answer was, there was nothing he could do to persuade Sophia because he couldn't stay by her side anymore.

From now on, Sophia would have to make her own choices. Leo hoped that she wouldn't act recklessly again. One wrong step could bring everlasting grief...

Leo turned his eyes away, feeling helpless.

Sophia drove her car along the city road at a speed of 120km/h, much to the irritation of the other drivers. In her desperation to get to the Mu Clan's villa as quickly as possible, she almost collided with many of the cars on the road.

A lot of the cars changed lanes or stopped to give way to Sophia because of how recklessly she was driving. They threw angry comments after her but she didn't notice or care.

When she arrived at the gate of the Mu Clan's villa, she immediately got out of her car and rushed toward the gate like a mad woman, but she was stopped by the security guard at the gate.

"Miss, this is a private villa. No entry is allowed without permission," the security guard said.

"I want to see Linda Xia!" Sophia yelled as she glared at the security guard.

The guard was frightened by her red eyes. But after a moment, he recognized her as Sophia Liu, the superstar.

He also remembered that this woman had openly claimed that she loved Young Master Mu.

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