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   Chapter 642 Little Fairy

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"This is something that you have to think carefully about. If you decide to take the fall for Sophia, I can promise you that I will never reveal that she's the real culprit. But if she stirs up trouble one more time, I can't let her off again, so if that happens, don't blame me. This is the last time that I can cut her some slack, for your sake," said Linda seriously, finally agreeing to Leo's request.

When she had first found out that Sophia was the one who had killed Langston, she had thought of turning Sophia in.

Sophia had slept with Langston, a married man, just to further her career. After that, she had killed him. As a woman, Linda found what Sophia had done to be unforgivable.

But even though she knew that making Sophia pay for her crimes was the right thing to do, she couldn't bring herself to turn Sophia in after knowing that Leo would do anything for Sophia, including taking the fall for her.

Linda had never hated Sophia but she'd never liked her either, so when Leo told Linda that he wanted to take the fall for someone like Sophia, Linda suddenly felt sorry for him as well as Sophia.

"Thank you, My Lady," said Leo honestly.

Then, he told Linda and Bun in detail about how he had gotten rid of Langston's body by chopping it into pieces and throwing it into the river. Linda felt a chill run through her spine as she listened to him.

She'd always thought that Leo was a brilliant man. It was too bad that he was going to throw away his bright future just to get Sophia out of trouble.

It seemed love could really blind people after all.

When Leo finally finished telling them the whole story, Linda sighed.

"Bun, notify the police that the culprit behind Langston's murder had turned up and that he's going to turn himself in," Linda said, turning to Bun.

"My Lady, I know you've already done a lot for me, but I have one last request. Could you wait for just half a day? I need to say goodbye to Sophia. I might not be able to see her often in the future," interrupted Leo hoarsely.

Now that the gravity of the matter had set in, Leo couldn't control the tears that fell from his eyes. Linda couldn't bear to see him like this.

"I'll give you a day. You should think it over thoroughly as well. If you don't come and find me before 10 o'clock tomorrow night, we will go ahead and inform the police that you're turning yourself in," said Linda.

She could tell that there was fear and remorse in Leo's eyes.

Most human beings were selfish, but Leo was completely selfless when it came to Sophia. If he was convicted of murder, he would


Seeing tears in Sophia's eyes, Leo said in a soft voice, "Silly girl, what are you crying for? Stop. You'll ruin your makeup."

Sophia sniffed and nodded. With every word that came out of Leo's mouth, her heart melted a little more.

Ten minutes later, a crew member came and told Sophia that they were going to film the last scene.

The crew members all found Sophia's behavior odd. The past week, she'd been exceptionally nice and co-operative.

What had happened?

Both Alina and Adrian had noticed it as well.

They were chatting in a corner. Since they'd been spending a lot of time filming together lately, they'd become good friends. Although Adrian didn't like dating women, he wouldn't mind having female friends and he even liked to talk to them and exchange gossip.

"Alina, don't you think there's something different about Sophia? What happened? Is she bewitched?" asked Adrian.

"I don't know, but I noticed it too. She's been nice to me lately," said Alina.

"Hey, I bet it has something to do with Linda. Sophia has become an obedient kitten now," Adrian said with a knowing smile.


After Sophia finished the last scene, she said goodbye to the film crew members before leaving the set with Leo, holding his arm. Many of the cast and crew members stared curiously at Sophia and Leo since it seemed like there was something between them.

How come their relationship had changed all of a sudden? They all wondered if Sophia and Leo had begun dating.

"Everyone is watching!" said Leo. He was shocked by Sophia's actions.

"Don't mind them. I don't care," Sophia said, shrugging. While she spoke, she held onto Leo's arm even tighter, then slowly placed her head on Leo's shoulder.

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