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   Chapter 641 Loved Her Deeply

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Linda nodded without showing any expression on her face.

"Leo, sit here for a while. I feel a little uncomfortable. I think I have to use the bathroom," Linda said casually with a glance at Leo.

Leo raised his head to look at Linda, having a feeling that something bad was going to happen.

But he had no choice but to sit here and wait like Linda asked him to. Anyway, whether Linda believed him or not, he had made up his mind to take the blame for Langston's murder instead of Sophia. It was the best way to make sure that Sophia's reputation, career, and even her life could not be affected.

"Okay, take your time," Leo said politely.

Linda went back to her bedroom, leaving Leo alone in the living room. Bun brought the laptop to Linda and downloaded the file that had just been sent to her. After that, she played the audio recording and let Linda listen to it.

After listening to it for a while, Linda realized that Leo was lying to her.

It turned out that he hadn't known anything about Sophia's relationship with Langston after all. In the audio recording, Leo got very angry at Sophia at first, but then he apologized to her after calming down. Sophia sounded very upset and apologetic too.

"I didn't know Leo likes Sophia this much. He's even willing to sacrifice his own life for her. If he is charged with negligent homicide, he might be sentenced to life imprisonment.

How could he be so reckless?" Linda asked, then sighed.

Leo loved Sophia very much, but all he got in return from her was misfortune and misery. Linda couldn't help but pity him, but she also thought that he was a stupid man because he was willing to do anything for Sophia even after finding out her true colors.

Anyway, Linda hadn't agreed to let Leo take the fall for Sophia's crime yet.

She returned to the living room and saw Leo silently drinking tea.

"Leo, you can leave now," she said sharply. When Leo heard her words, his hands began trembling in shock. He set down the cup of tea on the table and looked up at her with a frown.

"My Lady, what do you mean?"

"When you came in here, I told you that you should tell me the truth and you agreed. But since you insist on lying to me, I don't see any reason for us to continue this conversation. After all, this matter has nothing to do with me. However it ends, it doesn't affect me,"

Linda said flatly.

Leo suddenly shot up from his seat and knelt down in front of Linda.

"What are you doing? Stand up right now," Linda ordered, slightly taken aback. She'd

as a good man, he was stupid for falling in love with a bad woman and being willing to do anything for her regardless of the consequences.

Taking a deep breath, Leo looked at Linda and said,"My Lady, please trust me and give me a chance. I know that Sophia has done a lot of things to offend you. But it's all in the past, and I give you my word that she won't bother you anymore. She wants to turn over a new leaf too. Could you please give her a chance this time?"

Mystified, Linda looked at Leo's eyes.

"You're willing to risk your life to help Sophia, but do you really think it's worth it? I know you still love her, but if you're sent to prison, you won't ever get a chance to be together with her."

Leo nodded and said,"It's worth it. She saved my life once, so I will always be grateful to her for that. I'm willing to do anything for her."

Then, he told Linda about how Sophia had saved his life when they were still in university. After hearing his story, Linda was astonished. She couldn't believe that there was a time when Sophia had been that caring and compassionate. She wondered why Sophia had become so different now.

There were two ways that people reacted to harsh and difficult experiences. Some people would become better and more mature after the experience, while others would become snobbish, irritable and reckless.

What was worse, the latter never realized their own mistakes or repented about what they did. Sophia was such a person. She never reflected on her behavior or even tried to be a decent person.

As for Leo, he was a stubborn person who was determined not to change his mind. He loved Sophia so deeply that he would never give up on her.

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