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   Chapter 640 Who Was Lying

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Hearing Bun's question, Leo remained calm and said with a smile,"I believe that Lady Linda has no interest in doing anything that's pointless."

"Oh? You know what Lady Linda is thinking? You can even read her mind?" Bun asked with a playful smile.

"I can't read her mind, and I haven't tried to guess it either. But the only thing that I can do now is to wait here no matter what Lady Linda is actually thinking. Wouldn't you agree?" Leo replied.

Bun paused and looked at him. "Leo, you're a smart man. You know about Sophia's indecent behavior now so why are you still being stubborn and staying by her side?" she asked seriously.

"No particular reason. She's the woman that I want to protect with my life," Leo said in a determined voice as he stared firmly into the distance.

Bun simply sighed. It was hard to judge other people's choices when it came to matters of love. She had also gone through a lot of difficulties when she'd started dating with Brian, so she somewhat understood Leo's state of mind and sympathized with him.

"Okay, I'm not going to make fun of you anymore. You're right. Lady Linda wants to see you now. But Leo, I have to remind you of one thing. Although Lady Linda is a very soft-hearted person, you'd better tell her the truth when you see her later. If you try to lie or cover up anything, she won't let Sophia off."

"Okay, I understand."

Leo had come here to show his sincerity to Linda.

As long as Linda was willing to stop the investigation, he would let her deal with him as she saw fit.

Linda was a very smart woman with a lot of power and resources. If she continued to probe into the case, she would find out what Sophia had done sooner or later.

Leo was determined to confess to the crime and bear the responsibility instead of Sophia.

Linda was waiting for Leo in the living room. When Leo was ushered inside, he finally felt much warmer.

Seeing how red Leo's face and hands had become because of the cold outside, Linda immediately asked the servant to bring him hot tea. As they waited, Linda studied Leo's face intently without starting a conversation, but no matter how nervous or afraid Leo was, he didn't show it.

"Leo, what's the purpose of your sudden visit today?" Linda finally asked after Leo had a sip of the hot tea.

"My Lady, let's be straightforward with each other. I think you know why I came here. You're the one who sent me the USB flash drive, right?"

"Yes, that's right," Linda replied honestly.

"So, My Lady, what did you mean by doing that?"

In Leo's heart, he was actually very grateful to Linda. She

inued to listen to him, it might seem to her that his words were reasonable in the end.

"After I found out about Sophia's affair with Langston, I always tried to keep her away from him. Fortunately, Langston didn't bother Sophia either for a long time. However, about one week ago, Sophia was very unhappy because you took the lead role in the movie away from her. So on that day, she went to a bar to drink her sorrows away, but unexpectedly, Langston followed her all the way to the VIP room of the bar and tried to rape her. I went to the bar to pick Sophia up, so I reached the VIP room just in time to see him climb on top of her while she struggled under him. In a fit of anger, I grabbed the ashtray on the table and threw it at Langston. The ashtray hit him right on his head. He started bleeding and threatened to expose Sophia's sex trade with him. That was the last straw for me. I lost my senses when I heard what he said, so I picked up the ashtray and banged his head repeatedly with it. After a few moments, he was dead," Leo said. He had narrated the whole story slowly and calmly, trying not to let his voice betray him.

Linda remained silent and frowned as she listened to Leo's words. He had said it in such a reasonable way that she couldn't find a flaw in his argument.

However, the more perfect his logic was, the more unbelievable it was to Linda.

Right then, Bun lightly put a hand on Linda's shoulder and whispered into her ear,"My Lady, do you remember that you asked me to install bugs in Sophia's and Leo's hotel rooms? Their conversations were sent to us through the system just now. How about you listen to what they talked about in their rooms first? You might find out whether Leo is lying or not."

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