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   Chapter 639 Asked To See Linda

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"My Lady, are you saying that you intend to let Sophia off?"

Bun asked, confused.

"Of course not. If she'd just said or done something to offend me, I wouldn't punish her severely. But if she's the one who killed Langston, that makes she a criminal and she has to pay for what she has done."

Linda smiled at Bun and cracked her neck, trying to alleviate the ache that she was feeling all over her body. All she wanted to do now was to take a hot shower. "I'm going to take a shower now. Let Leo wait at the gate."

"Okay, My Lady."

Still waiting at the gate of the Mu Clan's villa, Leo grew restless, wondering whether Linda intended to see him or not.

But he had a feeling that Linda would be willing to see him this time, especially since he was here alone without Sophia.

Just then, the servant came out and said to Leo,"Mr. Liu, Lady Linda asked me to tell you that she doesn't have time to see you at the moment. I think you'd better leave."

Leo was surprised to hear the servant's words.

"Does she mean that she doesn't have time to see me now or that she doesn't want to see me at all?"

"She means that she is not free to meet you at this moment," the servant replied honestly.

"Okay. Could you please tell her that I'll be waiting for her here? I can meet her whenever she's available."

Meanwhile, Linda stood in the shower and thought about how the situation was unraveling so far. The truth was that she had sent the videos to Leo without any harmful intent. She'd just wanted to let Leo know that Sophia had done such a reckless thing and that she wasn't a pure and innocent creature as he thought she had been.

However, Linda hadn't expected Leo to be so stubborn and willing to stay by Sophia's side even after watching the videos and finding out what kind of person Sophia really was.

It was winter now and the air was chill outside, while inside the conservatory in the gar den, it was very warm. But when Linda left the garden with sweat all over her body and headed back to take a shower, she shivered in the cold air. Bun immediately fetched a coat and helped Linda put it on.

"My Lady, be careful. It's very cold outside, so you should wear a coat so that you won't catch a cold," Bun said with concern.

Linda sneezed and felt a little displeased when she noticed that Bun seemed to be in much better physical condition than her. After all, Bun was wearing just a T-shirt but she wasn't shivering in the cold or sneezing.

But the logical part of her knew that she shouldn't compare herself with Bun because Bun had been a soldier once and had received military training. In the past, during her training, B

't mean that she wasn't willing to see him at all. There was still hope that he could talk to Linda about this matter.

However, it was really very cold today. Leo felt very chilly and he was so annoyed by the terrible weather that he wanted to swear out loud. He thought that he should have worn more layers before leaving the hotel. He'd taken a taxi here and hadn't felt cold at all inside the taxi, but the moment he had stepped out, the cold had hit him. He also hadn't expected that he would have to wait at the gate for so long.

When Leo was almost about to leave because of how cold it was, the door of the Mu Clan's villa swung open.

Leo raised his head and was surprised to see Bun.

He knew that Bun stayed with Linda all the time to protect her, and so naturally, he had researched Bun's identity.

He had learned that Bun was a powerful person.

Not only was she the Lady of the Ho Clan, but she was also a colonel, which surprised and impressed Leo.

Since a person as competent and qualified as Bun was willing to be Linda's bodyguard, Linda must be a woman who was remarkable in some aspects.

"Ms. Lu," Leo greeted, shuddering.

After standing in such cold weather, his hands felt numb.

Bun stared at him expressionlessly. She was disgusted with Sophia so much that she wouldn't mind chopping her into pieces to feed the army dogs in the military.

On the other hand, Leo hadn't made a bad impression on her.

"Mr. Liu, you're a very determined person," Bun said, walking up to Leo and folding her arms across her chest.

"If I don't keep waiting for Lady Linda, how will I get a chance to see her?" Leo replied, smiling.

Bun laughed upon hearing him and said,"How did you know that you could see her as long as you kept waiting?"

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