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   Chapter 638 Doubted His Sincerity

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Drinking could help people forget their problems.

But could it help people solve their problems?

For Leo, it had.

Both Leo and Sophia got drunk that night. After they'd sobered up, Sophia had told Leo that since his grandma wasn't coming back, he should pay his tuition fee with the money his grandma had given up on for him and study hard. Sophia had made Leo believe that it had been the only right way to honor his grandma.

Sophia had also made Leo understand that he should never try to commit suicide again, especially because his grandma would never want him to do it.

Back then, Sophia had been worried that Leo would try to commit suicide again, so she had hung out with him all the time to make him feel better and cheer him up when he was done. As they spent more and more time together, Leo had begun to fall for her.

They had done many things together, like going on picnics, trekking, and fishing.

As the old days ran through Leo's mind, he smiled.

In his mind, Sophia had always been an innocent girl. He hadn't had the heart to sleep with her when they had been together.

Leo had known that he didn't have enough money to provide for Sophia and he hadn't been sure that he could give her happiness, so he hadn't wanted to take her virginity.

Unfortunately, they had eventually broken up.

"Leo, I wish we could turn back time to the days when we were still together and had nothing to worry about," Sophia said slowly, closing her eyes and feeling exhausted all of a sudden. These past two years had really worn her out. She'd had to do her best to deal with all the problems that she'd encountered in the entertainment world.

"Yes, so do I. I had a really good time when we were in university," said Leo, smiling. Sophia had been his girlfriend back then.

They had walked around the campus holding hands.

However, now that Sophia had become a popular star, they couldn't do such things. There were people watching every move that Sophia made, especially the media.

"Leo, if we get through this, shall we get back together?" asked Sophia. She turned to Leo and looked at him seriously.

Leo stared back at her blankly, stunned by her words. He had waited for this moment for so long, but now that it was actually here, he didn't know what to say. Sophia was the one who had broken up with him even though he hadn't wanted to because she had fallen out of love with Leo.

Not having any other choice, Leo had accepted her decision. N

yoga with Bun. But she never knew that doing yoga would be so tiring.

Yoga poses looked like they were easy to learn. However, Linda found it very difficult to hold a pose for a long time. She always started shaking after a few moments.

During their conversation, a housemaid walked into the garden.

"My Lady, a man is looking for you," she said to Linda.

"Who is he? Did you get his name?" asked Linda.

"Yes, he said his name is Leo Liu."

Linda smiled as soon as she heard the name. She knew that Leo must have received the package that she had sent to him and now he wanted to talk to her.

"Okay. Let him wait for me. Tell him I'm busy now," ordered Linda.

Linda slowly laid her leg down and stood up. She was sweating and she wanted to take a bath first. She felt really uncomfortable with sweat all over her body.

Bun was curious about Linda's answer. "My Lady, you're not too busy to see him now. Why did you ask him to wait? If you don't want to see him, you can just ask him to leave," said Bun in confusion.

"I will see him. I just doubt his sincerity," replied Linda honestly.

Sophia had done so many stupid and reckless things against Linda. Even though Linda didn't care that much, it didn't mean that she would forgive Sophia.

Linda believed that the reason Leo had come to talk to her was Sophia's sex videos. Linda didn't think of Sophia as a threat, but what Sophia had done made her sick to the stomach.

On top of that, Sophia had been haunting Charles for a long time. Even though Sophia would have never been able to wreck Linda's marriage with Charles, Linda still couldn't stand what she had done.

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