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   Chapter 637 Alcohol Would Chase His Sorrows Away

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Linda blinked mischievously at Charles's praise and dramatically shook her head.

"No. I'm the most crafty woman in this world!" she said proudly.

Charles suddenly pulled Linda into his arms and reminded her in a concerned voice,"Babe, you have to be more cautious about your safety from now on. I'm afraid that they will do something to hurt you."

Leo must have already guessed that it was Linda who had sent him the videos. Charles was afraid that Leo would side with Sophia and brew some wicked plot to hurt Linda. Since Charles couldn't stay at Linda's side all the time, he was worried about her safety.

"I will. Rest assured. Bun and Brian always come along with me these days whenever I go out. I'll be safe with them. What's more, I have the dragon ring on my finger. No one can hurt me easily," Linda reassured him, wearing a big smile on her face.

She had already mentally prepared herself for the possible danger that she would have to face when she had sent the USB flash drive to Leo. To bring the truth about Langston's disappearance to the surface, she had to take a risk.

She'd already had a near-death experience in the past, so she wasn't afraid of any threat against her life. At the same time, since she had been so fortunate to have survived, she would cherish her life and protect herself well.

After chatting for a few more minutes, Linda and Charles fell soundly asleep in each other's arms.

On the other hand, in Sophia's hotel room, Leo and Sophia could hardly fall asleep.

It was a sleepless night for both of them because of how shocked they were after seeing the videos.

Worry, fear, and anxiety filled Sophia's mind. She'd begged Leo to stay in her room because she didn't dare to spend the night alone.

However, even though Leo was there beside her, she kept tossing and turning on the bed and it wasn't until about four o'clock in the morning that she finally drifted off into a light sleep.

Sitting next to her, Leo felt upset looking at how Sophia had deeply furrowed her eyebrows even in her sleep. When her face twisted in fear, he knew that she must be having a nightmare. He knew how much the past must have tortured her and how frightened she must be now about the risk of her secret being exposed to the public.

Even in a state like this, Sophia still had to get up at six o'clock in the morning to go to the film set, pretending that nothing had happened. Leo pitied her so much. She couldn't even get a good rest.

Now, she could only sleep for two hours before having to get up. He hoped that she would at least get a little more sleep later at noon, otherwise her health would deteriorate.

But at about five o'clock in the morning, Sophia suddenly let out a loud scream as she woke from her nightmare.

"Hey, what happened? Don't be scared. It's okay, calm down. I'm here. Everything's okay now," Leo said to Sophia, taking her hands in his

t for help, a deep regret set in his heart.

He couldn't believe that he'd been so impulsive to attempt suicide just like that. The world was so beautiful and his grandmother must have wished for him to live on and see it. His grandmother's sacrifice would become pointless if he killed himself.

Thinking about it, the regret in his heart rose, but it seemed that it was already too late for him. But just when Leo slowly closed his eyes, accepted his fate, and stopped struggling, he heard a loud splash.

A girl quickly swam over to him and mustered up all her strength to drag Leo back to shore.

After Leo spat out the water he had swallowed, the girl bluntly scolded him in an angry voice,"Hey, are you stupid? Why did you jump into the lake? Don't you know that you will pollute the clean water if you die? A corpse will decompose and make the lake dirty! Don't you know that?"

She said these words with such conviction that Leo found them funny.

Of course, that girl was Sophia. Her clothes had gotten completely wet. The sports attire she was wearing clung tight on her body, and her long and damp hair fell over her shoulders.

Her beautiful eyes and her delicate face were still etched onto his mind.

Before Leo met Sophia, he hadn't believed in falling in love with someone at first sight.

But at that moment, he realized that such love did exist in this world after all.

After they both calmed down from Leo's near-death experience, it was already late at night. The university gate had already been locked, so Sophia took Leo to climb the wall and escape from the campus. Then, she took him to a barbecue shop nearby on the roadside.

Sophia suggested that he should have some food and drink some beer. She said that alcohol would chase his sorrows away. Even if alcohol couldn't erase his pain, it would at least numb it. It was important for him to live in the present and experience everything in his life.

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