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   Chapter 636 Being Thought About And Cursed By Someone

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"That's not a good reason for anything," Leo said flatly.

"Leo, do you hate me and intend to quit your job just because I had an affair with Langston? Fine! Just leave if you want to."

Sophia became more and more furious as she spoke.

She had explained the matter to Leo as best as she could and told him that she'd had no choice but to have such a deal with Langston!

But Leo continued to be angry at her without accepting her explanation.

It wasn't fair, because Sophia thought that Leo didn't have the right to meddle in her private affairs. How she'd become famous and what kind of relationship she'd had with Langston had nothing to do with Leo.

"After everything that happened, you still don't realize that what you did was wrong? Back when you were a trainee, you were always positive and confident. You once told me that the company would definitely give you the chance to rise to fame because you have a pleasant voice and you're good at singing. But I never expected that you would hook up with Langston so that you can become popular."

Leo's disappoint grew as he thought about how stupid Sophia had been to go along with Langston's demands like that.

"Do you think I actually wanted to have an affair with Langston? I had no other choice at that time. I worked as a trainee for two years and didn't get any chance. Other trainees asked Langston for help, so I had to ask him for help too. Otherwise, I would have never gotten the chance to rise to fame.

I really didn't want to watch everyone around me become famous while I was stuck at the same place," Sophia said softly, her eyes brimming with tears.

Leo glanced at Sophia in confusion. Just moments ago, she had been yelling in anger, but now, she had become calm and meek.

She'd even patiently told Leo about her sadness and tried to console herself.

In that moment, Leo felt very sorry for her.

Sophia stood up from the bed and walked up to Leo. Then, she squatted down in front of him and rested her head on his lap.

"Don't be angry at me anymore, okay? I can tell you everything and assure you that what happened is in the past. I hope you can understand me. I didn't tell you about all these things before because I was frightened and worried that you would leave me if you knew about them,"

Sophia said in a low, trembling voice.

"Leo, it's been a long time since I did anything with Langston.

You have to believe me. We weren't in contact at all for the last few months, but he just suddenly came to the bar that day to force me to sleep with him. I didn't owe him an

anyone unless he had no alternative.

"Sophia, you've already killed Langston. We shouldn't do such a reckless thing again, especially in the strict society we live in. I'm afraid that if we kill Linda, our crime will be discovered soon and we'll be sent to prison or even be put to death. Charles and all of Linda's friends will never let us off."

"Then what should I do now? I feel helpless. Please help me, Leo."

Sophia hadn't been that scared when she'd realized that Leo had found out her secret, but now that she knew that Linda knew about her secret too, she became restless and worried.

At the Mu Clan's villa, Linda sneezed all of a sudden.

Noticing it, Charles said jokingly,"Honey, it seems that someone is thinking about you and maybe even cursing you."

Linda replied with a smile,"I know who is thinking about me. It must be Sophia, because I put her in trouble today."

"What? What kind of trouble?" Charles asked with great interest.

"Didn't Paul tell you anything about it? When we went to Langston's villa, we took the hard disks from his computer. Inside the hard disks, we found many dirty videos. Most of the videos show trainees who entered the entertainment company at the same time as Sophia did."

"Yes, I heard about it. Langston probably hooked up with them a year ago. The three trainees did start their career at our company, but we already fired them a while ago. They're not that famous now and only play supporting roles," Charles said.

"Well, I didn't expect that Sophia would be in those videos too. They were very shocking, so I had them sent to Leo."

Charles was surprised by Linda's words. He pinched her face affectionately and said,"You wicked little girl!"

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