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   Chapter 635 No One Can Stay Out of It

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How could Sophia explain this? If they were only pictures, Sophia might have been able to convince Leo that someone was just framing her.

After all, the media was always trying to dig up scandals of popular stars like Sophia. Sometimes, they would publish real scandals while other times, they would just publish rumors or misrepresentations of the facts. But Leo found it hard to deny that what he was seeing in front of him was real, because not only could he see Sophia in the two videos, he could also hear her.

Even if there was an impostor pretending to be Sophia in the videos, what explanation was there for the voice? It was almost impossible to fake someone's voice.

Yes, some people could impersonate voices, but Leo had been around Sophia for so many years that he would be able to distinguish her voice perfectly.

"Leo, it's not what you think. Let me explain it to you. It was all Langston's fault. He forced me to..."

"I'm so disappointed," Leo interrupted before Sophia could finish speaking.

He thought of the time when Sophia had still been a trainee. Every night after coming back from training, she had complained that it wasn't fair that she hadn't been given enough opportunities and that there were so many shady deals. However, one night, she came back looking thrilled and told him that someone wanted to write songs for her and help her become a singer.

Leo had always thought that Sophia had been lucky to have someone recognize her talent and encourage it. He'd never even suspected that she'd earned those opportunities by sleeping with Langston.

After Leo finished speaking, he hung up at once.

Sophia panicked. Leo had never hung up on her before. She called him again to talk to him but he didn't pick up. Leo had thrown the cellphone against the wall the moment he had seen Sophia calling again. He was furious at her.

Still sitting at the desk, he stared expressionlessly at his laptop screen. Finally, he pressed play on the video again.

He felt so hurt, but what could he do?

Finding out the ugly truth was so painful.

The truth was like an enormous roaring flame which burnt down all the good memories he had with Sophia. Their whole relationship burnt down with it, leaving nothing behind. He desperately wished that everything could go back to normal but he knew that it couldn't. He had already gone past the point of no return by committing a crime to protect Sophia. And yet, she had hidden something so important from him. He felt lost.

Unable to reach Leo, Sophia felt her heart in her mouth. When Leo had told

asked Leo.

"I just... I don't know where to start," replied Sophia.

Leo took a deep breath. Looking at the ceiling, he said indifferently,"Miss Liu, you're a big star now. I don't think you need me anymore. I want to take a break."

Sophia felt upset hearing what Leo had said. He was talking to her as if he was talking to an acquaintance.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"I want to resign. I believe the company can get you a better agent to help you," replied Leo. It was an idea that he'd had all of a sudden. He wanted to keep a distance from Sophia for a while.

"Do you think I didn't want to tell you? But if I'd told you about it, what would you have done? What would you have thought of me? If you were in my shoes, would you have told anyone? Why can't you see the whole thing from my perspective? What should I have done? What do you want me to do about it now?" shouted Sophia.

Finding out that Leo wanted to resign made her break down at once.

But even though she knew that Leo was mad at her, she still thought that nobody had the right to tell her that what she'd done was wrong. After all, accepting Langston's shady offer had been her own decision.

Nobody could always get what they wanted without paying a price.

Back then, in order to become a popular star, Sophia had grabbed every opportunity she'd gotten to develop herself. Even if sleeping with Langston hadn't been the right thing to do, it had been her own choice to do it. What was wrong with making her own decision?

Leo was taken aback by Sophia's words and just stood there speechless.

Sophia continued sadly,"This is how the entertainment world works. Who can stay away from all these shady deals? No one can!"

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