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   Chapter 634 Leo, Please Listen To Me

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After removing the USB flash drive from the laptop, Leo pondered it over for a while. Fiddling with the USB flash drive in his hand, he wondered why someone would send him this kind of videos. It was too boring to be a prank because the person who had sent it wouldn't be able to see his reaction to it.

Leo thought that it didn't make sense to want to fool him by doing such a thing.

His curiosity about the contents of the flash drive increased.

If it contained a computer virus, Leo's laptop would have been infected by the virus the moment he had inserted the USB flash drive into his laptop.

But since the laptop was still working normally, Leo decided not to worry about it anymore and plugged the USB flash drive into the laptop again.

After that, he opened the flash drive folder and once again saw the two video files.

Instead of opening the files immediately, he right clicked and checked the properties of the files. He found out that the size of both videos put together was almost 1GB.

The video files were in AVI format.

Leo hadn't noticed the names of the video files earlier but now he realized that the name of each video file contained a sentence. The name of the first video file read,"Leo, why don't you click here and have a look?"

The name of the second video file read,"The content might surprise you."

Leo was so confused, not knowing what kind of surprise he would get. But still being curious, he clicked on the first video file and opened it.

When he saw what was in the video, his heart began pounding hard. He tightened his fists in shock.

He was very familiar with the voice in the video.

The woman appearing in the video was blindfolded so he couldn't see her face clearly, but he could still figure out that it was Sophia. She wasn't wearing anything except the blindfold. He was shocked and disappointed to see Sophia like this, wondering why she would do such a dirty thing.

In fact, he was so taken aback that he couldn't accept what he was seeing.

He didn't know where the videos had come from.

On top of that, he thought that Sophia would never do such a thing. Maybe what he was seeing wasn't real.

Leo quickly closed the first video and opened the second one. This video was the video clip that Linda and Lily had watched at home. It contained the disgusting conversation that had gone on between Sophia and Langston. If they'd been a cou

there was no way Leo could have found about it, since she had never told him about it, and the only other person who knew about it, Langston, was already dead.

Then it suddenly struck Sophia that once, when she had been in Langston's dark room, she had seen a red light flashing there. Back then, she had just assumed that it was the beam that was emitted by the infrared burglar alarm in his house. She had guessed that there wouldn't be any cameras to take photos or shoot videos in his room.

On top of that, just to be safe, she had asked Langston if he used any cameras. Langston had told her that he never used a camera and that whatever went on in that room was just their secret and would never be discovered by anyone else. But now, it seemed that that wasn't the case. She began to worry whether something had been revealed.

"Leo, what's going on? Did you hear some rumor about me?"

"Sophia, I'm asking you one more time. Did you have any abnormal relationship with Langston?" Leo asked in a dead voice. He had never been more disappointed with Sophia before.

Sophia became restless, not knowing how to answer him. Leo pressed play on the video he had been watching and waited. Soon, Sophia heard the conversation between Langston and her, and she froze in shock.

"Do you want to rise fame? Do you want me to write songs for you? "

"Yes, I do!"

"Then don't you know what you should do?"

"Yes, I do."

"What should you call me?"

"Dear husband.


"Leo, please listen to me. Whatever you're seeing isn't real. It's not what you think. Where did you even get this video?"

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