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   Chapter 633 The USB Flash Drive

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Linda could picture how panicked Sophia would be when she saw all these indecent videos of herself.

Besides, Linda was certain that Leo didn't know anything about the sexual trade between Sophia and Langston. Sophia wouldn't have told Leo about it because she knew how much Leo worshipped and adored her. In Leo's eyes, she was a pure and holy goddess. And no woman would want to destroy the image that her admirers had of her.

After pondering over it, Linda turned to Bun and said,"Bun, please do me a favor. Later this afternoon, please sneak into Sophia's and Leo's hotel rooms after they go to the film set and install bugs in their rooms. I want to listen to their conversations."

Bun nodded. "Yes, My Lady. It's easy. The hotel that the cast and crew are staying in now belongs to the Mu's Group too. I can enter their rooms easily," she said.

Then, Linda asked Lily to pick the two clearest videos in Sophia's folder and copy them to a USB flash drive.

"Arrange for someone to pretend to be a delivery man and deliver this USB flash drive to Leo," Linda said to Paul.

Hearing Linda's instruction to Paul, Bun chuckled and said,"Deliver it to Leo? Oh, My Lady! Aren't you too merciless? Leo will definitely be heartbroken when he sees these videos!"

"Probably, yes, he will be heartbroken," Linda said with a sigh. She had initially wanted to send it to Sophia, but on second thought she realized that it was unlikely to have the effect she wanted.

Yes, Sophia would definitely be shocked and frightened after seeing these indecent videos of herself. But instead of telling Leo or anyone else, she would try to use all possible means to cover it again. However, if Leo saw these videos, he would finally see Sophia's true colors. He would realize that the woman he had loved for so many years was not as pure as he had thought. This might indirectly help solve the case of Langston's disappearance.

Of course, if Leo already knew about Sophia's indecent relationship with Langston without even seeing these videos and had been willing to stay by her side all this time, then there was nothing more that Linda could do to change Leo's mind about helping Sophia.

"I didn't think Linda to be merciless enough to send the USB flash drive to Leo. Sophia has done some indecent things indeed. She's so full of herself and thinks that her past won't be exposed to anyone since she's already a superstar. I liked Sophia at the beginning too but I never expected that she only became famous because of the casting couch," Brian said as he shook his head. He had been following Sophia's career ever since h

et treated her sincerely. They'd all started casting odd glances at her ever since she had been replaced by Alina for the lead role.

"It's nothing important, but I feel my stomach aching a little, so I want to go to the toilet in my hotel room. I'll be back in about half an hour," Leo explained patiently.

Sophia nodded her head reluctantly. She suddenly realized that she had no friends at all in the entertainment industry, including all the cast and crew on this film set. There was no one she could talk to honestly.

Leo was the only one who was willing to give her company all the time and talk to her, treating her sincerely.

Soon, Leo was back in his hotel room. He took out the USB flash drive from his pocket and studied it. There were no pictures or words printed on the surface of the drive which could indicate the contents inside it. Then, he switched on his laptop and plugged the USB flash drive into it.

He waited anxiously while his laptop read the data of the USB flash drive.

Then, when he could finally open the folder, he saw that there were two videos in it. Without hesitation, he clicked one of the videos, but he closed it in a split second as soon as he saw what was in it. Even though he hadn't seen it clearly, he knew that it was obviously a pornographic video. Who had sent it to him? Was it a trick?

Like any other man, Leo sometimes watched such pornographic videos. But who would send this sort of video to other people? It was a private affair.

Could this USB flash drive be carrying some sort of computer virus because someone wanted to invade his computer system?

When the thought struck him, Leo immediately removed the USB flash drive from his laptop. He wanted leave this matter behind.

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