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   Chapter 632 Send The Videos To Sophia

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7598

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Inside the disk folder, Linda saw eight folders with different names, one of which was Sophia's.

Four folders other than Sophia's were also named after female stars who were very famous in the entertainment industry.

All those stars had started out as singers and now they all had successful careers. One of them was a superstar who was not only a singer but also a famous actress who starred in many television series and movies. They were successful stars who had been in the entertainment industry for a long time, so Linda was surprised that even they had traded sexual favors with Langton.

As for the rest of the folders, she didn't recognize any of the stars they were named after.

Just then, Paul entered the room. He had come to the villa to grab some files for Charles. When he saw them gather around the laptop, he asked,"What are you looking at?"

"Paul, you're back at just the right moment,"

Linda said, drawing Paul in front of the laptop the moment she saw him.

"What's happening, My Lady?"

"Look at these names. Do you know any of these people?"

Linda asked, pointing at the three folders with the names of the stars that Linda had never heard of before.

"These names do seem familiar. If I'm not wrong, they are the names of the trainees who joined our company at the same time as Sophia did,"

Paul said after carefully looking at the names and pondering over them for a while. He was sure of it.

Anita Zuo, Cathy Lin, and Doris Li were indeed the trainees of the entertainment company belonging to the Mu's group. They had entered the company at the same time as Sophia had.

"My Lady, what is in these folders? Young Master told me that you went to Langston's villa last night. Have you found something important?" Paul asked.

"We've found a lot of things. We've even found out that Langston has an odd hobby," Bun said in disgust before Linda could answer. Linda nodded in agreement and asked Lily Jiang to open the folder named after Sophia.

Since Sophia was the only star that Linda knew, Linda only wanted to see her folder.

She wasn't intending to open the folders of the other stars.

Inside Sophia's folder, there were thirteen videos.

When Lily Jiang checked the properties of the files, she found

urely tried their best to please him, including hooking up with him in order to rise to fame.

"Okay, My Lady," Paul replied to Linda. He immediately gave orders to his men as per Linda's instructions. It would only take about two hours to get the letter of assisted investigation, so Linda might receive the surveillance footage by tonight.

"My Lady, what should we do now? Should we post these videos on the Internet? If we do, Sophia's reputation and her career will be destroyed,"

Bun said.

Linda pondered over it for a while but decided that they shouldn't do such an impudent thing to Sophia. After all, no matter how annoying Sophia was, she was still a woman. If these videos were posted on the Internet, she would be thoroughly ashamed and might not be able to endure the torment from the society.

Linda really didn't want to destroy someone's reputation, so she wasn't going to spread these videos to the public. But she was still going to continue investigating this matter because she wanted to figure out who killed Langston.

If Sophia turned out to be the one who had killed Langston, Linda would surely charge her with murder and make sure that she got punished for it. So although Linda wouldn't destroy Sophia's reputation by posting the videos on the Internet, it didn't mean that she would let Sophia off if she found out that Sophia was really guilty of a crime.

For now, Linda intended to send Sophia the videos that they had found on the hard disk and see how she reacted.

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