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   Chapter 630 Experience Baby Brain After The Pregnancy

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Linda was surprised to see the items on the bed.

She had never expected that Langston, who looked like a gentle, cultured person, would have so many strange and disgusting things in his villa.

She had never even seen some of these items before

and didn't know what they were.

But she had a strong feeling that they were used for sex. It seemed that Langston had an abnormal lifestyle and odd, questionable hobbies.

At the head of the bed was a trash can filled with nothing but used condoms.

Linda scrunched her nose up at it in disgust before walking up to the large sixty-inch TV.

The TV was plugged in, so Linda guessed that Langston probably watched TV whenever he stayed here.

The TV sat on a large TV cabinet which contained a lot of drawers of different sizes. Linda opened the first drawer, but all she found was batteries.

She closed it and opened the second one.

She was astonished by what she saw in the second drawer because it was filled with pornographic film discs.

It seemed that Langston was a pervert.

After closing the second drawer, Linda opened the third drawer.

What she saw in the third drawer only shocked her even more.

The pornographic film discs in the second drawer hadn't been that abnormal, and the pictures on the covers hadn't been too disgusting as well.

But the third drawer was filled with discs of violent films.

Linda was disgusted by the pictures on the covers of these films.

Before she could finish opening and checking the rest of the drawers, Brian and Bun came over to her from the adjoining rooms.

"My Lady, we've checked the other two rooms and found that no one lives in them. There is nothing in those rooms and, except for some sachets which give off a faint fragrance, the wardrobes don't contain anything."

That meant that the only room Langston used in this villa was the one that Linda was checking right now. He probably never used the other two rooms.

Linda continued searching the room. Seeing a pair of drawn curtains, she walked over and opened them. There was a balcony, where she found two cameras with tripods.

"This is probably the room he lives in," Linda told Bun and Brian. "Look, there are some disgusting things in the second and third drawers of the TV cabinet. And look at the trash can

r glove and a self-sealing bag, and then picked up everything on the bed and put it into the self-sealing bag.

"What are you doing? Why do you want to take those dirty things?" Bun asked curiously.

"We can take them back and run a DNA test. If we do that, we can figure out who has used these things,"

Brian said as he lifted the garbage bag from inside the trash can and sealed it with a knot.

"If we don't take these things back to run a test, how can we know who used them? Right now, we can't be a hundred percent sure that Langston was the one who used them. We have to be prudent when doing any investigation. Got it?"

Being a professional special agent, Brian was familiar with such things and knew that everything could be proved only by proper evidence.

After Brian took all the things that they needed, they left the villa and walked to the gate.

Leaving the community would be more difficult than it was to get in

because they couldn't use the same method they had used before.

But when they reached the gate, they found that the security guard was dozing off. They quickly snuck out through the side door without making a sound.

It was really lucky for them that there was only one security guard at the gate and that it was already two o'clock in the morning, and he was feeling sleepy and dozing off, giving the three of them a chance to leave unnoticed.

But Linda couldn't shake the feeling of being almost a thief. She was also very tired by the time they finally walked out of the side door.

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