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   Chapter 629 On The Messy Bed

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Linda was about to deride the ridiculous number of cameras here when it suddenly occurred to her that having so many cameras wasn't a bad thing, because every time Langston entered or left the villa, it would be recorded in the surveillance footage.

What's more, she could also see who Langston had brought here with him. Linda became more and more curious.

Based on what Linda had seen of Langston in interview programs on TV, she thought that with his pair of gold-rimmed glasses and calm demeanor, he looked like a gentleman.

But what he looked like could be very different from how he really was. Linda was sure that there was something behind his disappearance waiting to be discovered. It was impossible that he had just disappeared or been killed for no reason.

There must be an explanation for it. Anyway, she had no time to ponder on it at the moment.

The most important thing now was to find some clues in Langston's villa, and then she could gradually find out the truth afterward.

There should be copies and archives of the surveillance footage taken before Langston disappeared.

Maybe she would see Sophia in those videos.

Linda half-expected to see scenes of Sophia walking into the villa with Langston. Then, she would have evidence to prove that Sophia was connected to Langston's disappearance.

She had already found many records of them checking into the same hotel at the same time, which was indeed strange. Langston was Sophia's mentor and he was a married man. Why had they stayed together so many times?

Having studied the layout of the community before, Brian had mapped out the safest route to Langston's villa. If they followed that route, they could avoid most of the cameras. And as for the ones they wouldn't be able to avoid, they wouldn't be seen clearly in the monitor because they were wearing dark clothes and the lights in this area were quite dim. As long as they moved forward along the camera's blind spot or ran fast past it, there wouldn't be any problem.

Even if the security guards saw them on

second floor. One room per person," said Linda.

Each villa here had two floors covering an area of about three hundred square meters. Although it couldn't be compared to the Mu clan's villa, it was still quite big. In SH City, a villa like this cost at least 20 million.

"Got it, My Lady," replied Bun.

"Okay, Linda," replied Brian.

Then, they started searching the rooms separately.

Without a search warrant, they were actually trespassing on private property, but the thought excited Linda.

This was the first time Linda was breaking the law, and it made her feel quite nervous. But in order to find out the truth, she would spare no expense.

She had to get to the bottom of this mystery.

On the second floor, there were exactly three rooms, so Linda, Bun, and Brian decided to search one each. Linda was going to search the third room.

The first two rooms were open but the third one was locked. Either something was hidden in it or it was the master bedroom that Langston slept in.

Otherwise, why would it be locked?

Thinking about this, Linda asked Brian to unlock the door. Then, she walked into the room and turned on the light.

This must be Langston's room because it was done up with fancy European style decor but the bed was messy.

Linda moved closer to the bed and was startled when she saw what was on it.

On the bed…

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