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   Chapter 628 Oh No... The Security Cameras

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"Stop talking nonsense. Let's go now!" Linda said. She checked the time and found that it was already 11:30 at night. Charles had made love with her for an hour, making her feel both tired and annoyed.

"Be careful," Charles said smilingly from the room. He didn't intend to go with Linda this time because he knew that it would be a bad idea for so many people to go to Langston's villa. And since Bun and Brian were going along, Linda would not be in any danger. Besides, they were all just going there to take a look, instead of doing anything dangerous.

Charles would always support Linda to do whatever she wanted, but he was worried that she would be tired and less alert than usual.

Once Linda, Bun, and Brian got everything ready, they got into the car and Brian drove toward Langston's villa.

Since Langston had worked as a music producer for many years, it wasn't a surprise that he had so much money. He was so rich that he owned three houses and the Sunshine Villa alone was valued at 30 million.

However, Linda didn't care about exactly how rich he was.

After all, it was easy for stars and celebrities in the entertainment circle to earn a lot of money, so she wasn't surprised by the fact that Langston was very wealthy.

After about 25 minutes, they reached the community where Langston's villa was.

Brian parked the car about 500 meters away from the community gate.

They couldn't drive past the gate and into the community because everyone who lived there was definitely rich and there would be security guards on duty at the gate. The security guards wouldn't let anyone they weren't familiar with enter the gate just like that.

That was why Linda, Bun, and Brian were planning to enter the community discreetly instead of through the front gate.

All of the villas inside were large and spacious.

When Linda got close to the wall surrounding the community, she looked up and found that the wall was over two meters high.

As she stared at the top of the wall, she began to feel a bit frightened and her legs went limp.

"Oh, my god, the wall is so high! How will we get inside?" She started to feel anxious. It would be impossible for her to climb over the wall and get inside the community.

Brian also raised his head to take a look at it. Then he said,"I don't think it's too high, and we can still climb over it!"

Having been a member of the special forces, Brian knew how to get over the two-meter-high wall as long as he had the necessary tools to do it. As for Bun, she had been the colonel of the women special forces, so she could climb over the wall too. If she couldn'

e quickly the moment she saw him wave.

So, Linda fixed her eyes on Brian and watched as Brian and Bun talked to the security guard for a while.

But the security guard seemed to be getting more and more annoyed. Even from a distance, Linda could hear him shouting angrily at Brian and Bun and asking them to leave immediately.

Brian and Bun nodded after hearing the security guard and began walking away.

When the security guard saw Brian and Bun leave, he turned around and went back to the security room. It would take him a little while to get back to his seat. It was a good chance for Linda to sneak inside during this period of time because the security guard had his back turned away from the three of them and couldn't see them.

So Brian decisively waved at Linda and Linda quickly snuck inside through the side door. After she got inside, she waited for Brian and Bun in the corner.

After the security guard got into the security room, he watched Bun and Brian leaving. Then, he lowered his head to play a game on his mobile phone, cursing,"How could they come here to sell insurance and disturb me when I was playing the game? So annoying!"

After a few moments, Bun and Brian appeared in front of Linda. Since the wall was high, it was a bit difficult to climb over even for the members of the special troops, so it had taken them a few minutes to get inside.

"Bun, Linda, follow me. Don't wander around. I looked up this community and found out that many celebrities live here. There are 46 security cameras in the whole community, and the security guards can check all of the surveillance videos in the security room," Brian said seriously.

"Oh, my god! There are so many cameras."

Oh, no... The security cameras...

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